How to Airplane Mode Free Internet on Samsung J1, J2 and J5 2019 HP

How to Airplane Mode Free Internet on Samsung J1, J2 and J5 cellphones

How to Airplane Mode Free Internet on Samsung Phones – Opportunities will not come twice but different to do free internet opportunities on your android phone. All cellphones and one of the well-known brands, namely the Samsung Galaxy, have a feature called Airplane Mode or Airplane Mode.

This airplane mode feature is used to avoid signal radiation inside the aircraft so that something bad happens during flight. This feature is often used when boarding a plane, but it is also often used for free internet, don’t you believe it? For that, see the following.

Airplane Mode

How to get free internet on airplane mode on Android or more specifically on Samsung cellphones, many have discussed it, because these netters want to look for free internet tricks forever for a lifetime.

It’s only natural that things like this are selling well in the Google SERPs and are always discussed by some groups of free internet seekers, because using airplane mode for free internet is forever without quota and credit. If you want, let’s see in full below.

How to Free Internet Using Airplane Mode

So that the discussion regarding how to get free internet on airplane mode on the Samsung J1 Ace, J2 Prime and J5 Prime and Pro runs smoothly, there are a few things that must be considered first, namely your cellphone battery is fully charged, because this method takes a long time.

Besides that, the free internet code for the Samsung cellphone that I gave is the latest version, so use this trick for your needs only as necessary.

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1. The first way you have to do is activate the Airplane Mode feature on your Samsung J1, J2 and J5 cellphones

2. Then turn off your Samsung android phone sleuler data

3. After that, use the Samsung cellphone airplane mode code and I have prepared it, just copy it *#*#4636#*#*, then paste it in the Dialer column and click Call/Call

4. Then wait and a notification will automatically appear in the form of notification information related to phone information, smartphone user info, battery info and also wifi usage information.

5. But with the appearance of the notification you just click No.2, which is Phone Information.

6. Then a notification will come out again in the form of a WCDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G LTE and Radio notification, then you just click Radio

7. Then to start it please click Radio with the option ON.

8. You just wait for it to change, then continue by running a Test Ping, where the intent of this is to activate the airplane mode internet connection so that it is connected for free

9. Done.

airplane mode free internet

For how to get free internet on airplane mode for samsung j1, j2 and j5 cellphones it’s the same tutorial as above, but actually the code can be used on all android phones.

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So if you use other android devices such as xiaomi, advan, oppo, iphone, asus and others, then you can use the airplane mode feature for free internet.

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