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How to add a Google account on a Xiaomi Redmi 5a cellphone

Here’s how to create a google account via a Redmi 5A cellphone or want to add a Gmail account on Xiaomi MIUI 9 but can’t or fails. Check out the fixing tips here!

Want to create a Google account via a Redmi 5A cellphone, but still can’t or fail? just try to follow the following steps and read the information. Usually this Xiaomi Redmi 5A series cellphone is obtained through a Lazada flash sale or purchased from an online store that sells the Redmi 5A from the flash sale. There is a slight difference in the menu layout in MIUI 9 for adding a Google account from the previous version.

If you are not used to using Xiaomi cellphones, of course you need adjustments. Moreover, those who are not used to making their own Google account on Android, used to just let someone else make it. Through this article you will be guided to create a Google account on Redmi 5A which of course can be used to activate the Play Store and Gmail email application on cellphones and other Google products.

Akun Google di Xiaomi

What Causes Can’t Create a Google Account?

If you are having problems logging in to your Google account on Android or can’t add an account on MIUI 9 then pay attention to the tips below:

  • Google Play Service: the first to pay attention to this system application, if you want to register a Google account but the server is not working then please update Google Play Service. Usually this will happen automatically if the Android phone already has an internet package or is connected to wifi. Like yesterday when I activated the Redmi 5A for the first time and there really wasn’t a Google account.
  • Age restriction: Google accounts have terms & conditions that must be met, in Indonesia the age limit for users who may register for an account is at least 13 years old. For students whose needs are for lessons, if they are not old enough, they can use parental guardianship data.
  • Email address already in use by someone else: if this problem can certainly be solved by creating a unique email address name that has not been registered by other users. We usually imagine how many new users register an account at the same time. Then how? combine the Gmail account name with dots and numbers, you can see an example below.

How to Create a Google Account via Hp Redmi 5A

Now let’s follow to create a Google account via cellphone! if you already understand the info and tips above then proceed to how to make it. Prepare the cellphone number that will be used for the account recovery number if you forget your password, we recommend using the registered main number.

NB: If you want to go to the guide with a new look, please click the following link

1. If the smartphone is ready (connected to the internet) now go to settings menu on Xiaomi Redmi 5A. If you use the standard theme, the icon will look like the following image, of course you already know!

Xiaomi phone settings menu

2. Then swipe the screen up to find the next menu, namely “Sync” then on the next screen “Add” continue by selecting the “Google” icon. Just sort it from left to right, guys!

Select: Sync > Add > Google

3. Wait a moment if you see a display like the image on the left below, then when the Google account login page appears, all you need to do is press the “Create account” button.

Wait to Check info > select Create account

4. From this step, please fill in your personal data according to your first and last name. If you have a name with more than two syllables, you can use your first name and last name only.

Example of filling in Google account name

5. The next step is to fill in the date, month and year of birth and gender (optional).

Fill in the date of birth & gender

6. After that, please create a Gmail address with your name and then add dots & numbers to make it more unique. To avoid the “The username is already in use. Try a different one.”

Example of a Gmail account with dots and numbers

7. Then create a password with a mixture of uppercase and lowercase numbers and symbols. In order not to forget the account password, please write it down first before continuing the next process.

Strong password mixed with numbers/symbols

8. Type the cellphone number used on the Redmi 5A or used on another cellphone.

Enter active cellphone number

9. Enter the code that has been received in the SMS or just wait for the verification process to run automatically if you use the number on the Redmi 5A cellphone.

The process of verifying the cellphone number on the Google account

10. Scroll the cellphone screen up and press “I Agree” > “NEXT

Google account privacy

11. Done

How to Activate Play Store account on Redmi 5A

1. Open the Play Store app

Play Store Apps

2. It will sync automatically to the new Google account.

Activate Play Store on Xiaomi Redmi 5A

How to Activate Gmail account on Xiaomi Redmi 5A

1. Open Gmail app from Google app pool on Xiaomi

Gmail App

2. Then just skip the welcome
3. Already active, Gmail is ready to be created to register social media accounts and send emails.

Enabling Gmail on Xiaomi MIUI 9

That was the first guide on creating a new email via a Redmi 5A cellphone or adding a Google account to activate the Play Store and Gmail. Hope this guide helps you create a Google account!

Why Can’t Add Google Account on Xiaomi?

If you are not can adding akun Google di Xiaomi, one of the problems is that it has not set the time and date on the smartphone. So in order to solve it, you can set the current date, and then the problem is not can add google account can be solved very easily.

How do I add a Google account?

Add or remove accounts.

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app..

In the top right, tap your profile picture..

Tap Add another account..

Select the type of account you want to add. … .

Follow the steps on the screen to add an account..

Can I have 2 Gmail accounts?

Of course in one smartphone Android us can add multiple accounts gmail. It’s easy, just open the app Gmail from Androidclick the menu Gmail (which is usually a three-lined logo in the top-left corner), and select Settings. Then select add account. Then enter the address gmail the other you.

How do I create a new email on a cellphone that already has an email?

How to Create an Email on an Android Phone.

Open the Gmail app..

Select Add email address..

Choose who you create Gmail for..

Fill in your first and last name..

Enter date of birth..

Choose an address for your new Gmail..

Create a complex password..

Add a phone number (Optional).


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