How to Activate the Ghost Mode Feature on Instagram

Do you often see someone’s story or even watch your crush’s Instagram live? It’s just that you are too embarrassed to be seen often “peeking” their account? If so, then this post about how to activate the ghost mode feature on Instagram is worthy of your use and your study.

There is nothing wrong if we peek at social media accounts including someone’s Instagram account. If they feel their privacy should be limited they can use the private account feature, right?

If you have used a private account and we are accepted as followers, it means that you are one of the people who are allowed to see their activity on social media.

Unfortunately, the term willing but embarrassed is still common among us, right? We really want to see someone’s account, it’s just that ego or prestige still gets in the way of that. It’s natural if you experience this problem, you want to stay confused but are not monitored.

An Overview of Instagram’s Ghost Mode Features

Actually, this Ghost Mode feature can be used for many social media accounts. One of the social media accounts that has been questioned lately is the use of Instagram. Can you use this feature on your Instagram account?

Before you get confused with the answers to these questions, let’s see more about what is the ghost mode feature? You must have often heard the term new features in various social media apks, right? And one of them is this “ghost” feature.

Not meant to scare you, this is indeed a ghost feature if we interpret it in Indonesian. Because, the activities we do, namely being curious or peeking at other people’s Instagram accounts become undetected. This is what is meant by the ghost feature, present but not visible.

So, if you’re looking to see what Instagram story updates are or if they’re doing Live. So, your presence will not be known by the account owner later. Wow, very interesting and of course you are curious to try it right?

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How to Activate Instagram’s Ghost Mode Feature

So, how do you activate this Instagram Ghost Mode feature? If you already know the features of turning off last seen and read receipts on WhatsApp, then let’s discuss what is on Instagram. Those of you who like stalking are guaranteed to be able to use this service to the fullest.

So, do you know how to activate the ghost mode feature on Instagram? If not, you can use the following tutorial:

  1. First of all, you have to use one of the web browsers on your device or cellphone first.
  2. Then, go to situs site
  3. Then, look for the Download menu and enter the Repository option then you can select Clone or Original.
  4. Then, wait until this apk is successfully downloaded.
  5. If so, then activate the installation mode from unknown devices in your phone settings.
  6. Then, install the apk.
  7. Run and login with your IG account data.
  8. Go to the Stander Settings option.
  9. Then, select Ghost Mode. Enable Don’t mark Direct as read if you want messages sent to you not to be known whether they have been read or not. Enable Disable typing status so that there are no Typing notifications in DMs when you type messages. Activate Don’t mark Stories as seen so that your friends don’t know if you’ve seen their story.
  10. Done.

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That was how to activate the Instagram ghost mode feature for those of you who are lazy to be detected as super humans. So, good luck!

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