How to Activate Indosat Internet Package

Here are 6 (six) Ways to Activate the Latest Indosat Internet Package 2020. Useful for those of you who like to surf the internet.

For internet data users, it is necessary to register first with the internet package of each provider. Because if you use regular pulses what will happen is that the user’s credit will be sucked up a lot.

Because it is a regular internet data rate and using a cheaper package by using an internet package.

Therefore, users must know how to register internet packages for each provider. Now this time is a list of IM3 internet packages where the internet packages offered by IM3 from Indosat are quite cheap when compared to other providers.

There are many internet packages that you can choose according to your daily needs in accessing the internet using smartphones and even modems for laptops.

Of the various types of internet packages from IM3, some are cheap and some are quite expensive. This is of course adjusted to the package specifications provided, such as the internet quota contained in the package.

So the highest quota of course the price will be expensive. The most expensive IM3 internet package is Rp. 199,000 with 18GB quota, which is active for 30 days/1 month.

1. Indosat Ooredoo Internet Packages

This is one of the internet packages used by Indosat card customers. The Ooredoo package will offer 6 GB of internet data at a price of only 24 thousand.

How to register is also quite easy, you just need to dial *123*4*1# after that select the Ooredoo internet package and follow the next easy steps.

2. Indosat Internet Package 8GB

If the quota from the Ooredoo package is too small for you, you can choose this 8 GB data package. Is it not expensive? No need to worry, you can get an Indosat internet package of 8 GB for only 30 thousand!

If interested, you only need to dial *123*2*2*3#, then select the 8GB internet package and follow the next steps.

3. Paket Internet Ooredoo 13GB

Unlike the previous Ooredoo internet package, this one offers a quota of 13 GB at a cost of only 30 thousand for 30 months. Then, how to activate this 13 GB Ooredoo internet package?

The first step, you have to buy credit for 30 thousand, then type WOW then send SMS to 929. Wait a few moments to wait for a confirmation reply if your internet package is active. After that, you can check your quota again by typing USAGE and sending it to 363.

4. Monthly Indosat Internet Package

In addition to the several internet package options above, you can also enjoy Indosat internet packages for a month, one of which is IM3 Freedom Plus 1 GB quota with 1 GB bonus at a price of 45 thousand.

To be able to activate this package, all you have to do is dial *123*3*2*3*1# or dial *123*3*2*3*2# then follow the next steps.

5. Indosat Internet and Telephone Packages

Are you a fairly active Indosat phone user? If so, you can use a 750 MB internet package and a 25 minute phone bonus to all operators.

In addition, this 49 thousand internet package also offers 200 free SMS to fellow Indosat users. Very lucrative offer, right? The activation method is also very easy, all you have to do is dial *123*200*5*2#.

You can also enjoy the Freedom Indosat Combo 12 GB package at a price of 50 thousand by dialing *123*2*1# and a special 1GB package for 50 thousand for Blackberry users by dialing *123*3*7*4*4*1#.

6. Indosat Internet Packages for 4G

For those of you who are 4G LTE service users, you can sign up for a 10.3 GB Indosat internet package for 30 days at a price of only 50 thousand! How to activate this internet package simply by dialing *123*111#,

then select 300 MB internet for 30 days. Alternatively, you just need to dial *123*111*1*1# and the 10 GB quota bonus will automatically be included in your data package.

Those were some choices of Indosat internet packages that you can use. You need to remember, after activating the data package through the above method,

You no longer need to make any settings because your smartphone will automatically connect to the local operator network. So, from the 6 internet package options above, which one is your choice?

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