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How much is the Shopee Admin Fee? Please Check Here! – Shopee admin fees have become something familiar to loyal users of the Shopee application. Especially for sellers who are used to selling their merchandise through Shopee. Various benefits can be obtained by using the Shopee application.

Selling various merchandise through the Shopee application can be a very good opportunity for business people. There is no need to have trouble renting a place to trade, so business people don’t have to think about the cost of renting a place.

However, even though in Shopee the sellers don’t have to pay the rent instead, Shopee itself has an admin fee. Don’t worry because Shopee admin fees don’t charge very high fees. For completeness regarding Shopee admin fees, please refer to this article carefully.

Getting to Know About the Shopee App

Before discussing further about Shopee admin fees, it would be nice to know about the Shopee application first. The Shopee application is an online shopping application that was founded in 2015. Although it has been around for a long time, until now Shopee still upholds the convenience of Shopee users.

Various kinds of features that always appear to solve problems that exist for loyal Shopee customers or users. Application development, which has always been the main focus of Shopee’s task, has made the Shopee application or company still able to exist today.

Another interesting reason is found in the attractive offers that Shopee always gives to users, both for sellers and buyers.

For sellers, Shopee always presents interesting ways to attract potential buyers. For example, using certain features for sellers such as Live Shopee can make your merchandise sell well.

Then, an attractive offer given by buyers who make transactions at Shopee is that there is always a discount. Various discounts are given in order to pamper buyers at low prices. Especially Shopee also often provides free shipping or postage.

Shopee also provides special offers on certain dates or days, namely free shipping up to 0 rupiah without a minimum purchase limit. There are many other offers provided by shopee to users.

If you want to start buying or selling on Shopee, you can directly download the application on the Play Store or App Store. Enjoy the convenience of selling and shopping at Shopee just by using your cellphone.

For sellers who have just joined, selling merchandise has a Shopee admin fee that you have to pay. Read and see this article because it will discuss more about Shopee admin fees for sellers. That way you won’t be confused when there is a Shopee admin fee bill.

What are Shopee Admin Fees?

What is Shopee Admin Fee

Shopee admin fees are fees that will be charged to sellers when running an online business. Every online shopping platform provides admin fees to sellers, including Shopee. For those of you who want to start selling on Shopee, it is very important to know the admin fees for this application.

For admin fees, Shopee divides into four categories of sellers. This category consists of non-star sellers, star sellers, star plus and malls. The classification of these categories affects the admin fees that will be given by Shopee to the seller.

Other administrative costs are determined by the size of the transaction between the seller and the buyer, the higher the admin fee that Shopee provides to sellers of goods.

In addition, sellers will also be charged non-administrative fees when participating in a program held by Shopee. This expense fee is optional, only the seller who follows and agrees to the terms and conditions of the program will be charged.

Shopee Admin Fee According to Product

Shopee Admin Fee According to Product

Each sale has a variety of different products, as well as Shopee admin fees. Determining how much the Shopee admin costs in addition to the seller category, there are also categories of goods sold by the seller.

There are several categories of items that you must pay attention to so you can estimate how much the Shopee admin fee should you pay later. The following are the categories of goods:

1. Shopee Admin Fee Product Type Category A

In category A, the types of goods sold by sellers are more like goods that are daily necessities, although not all goods. There are several items that are used for other needs, here are some types of category A items:

  • Stationery Supplies
  • Several kinds of Books, and Magazines
  • Women’s and Men’s Fashion
  • Clothing accessories, such as watches, bags
  • Baby necessities, Diapers, baby clothes, baby toys
  • Food and Soft Drinks Except candy and chocolate

2. Items Product Category B

For product category B, more selling goods that are shown for hobbies. You can find hobby items in this category. Here are some items that are category B products, pay close attention:

  • Games (All Product Types)
  • Various needs for pets (Food, Drinks, Clothes, Toys
  • Motor Vehicles and Cars

3. Types of Class C Goods

The last is category C goods, in this category the goods sold by the seller are more valuable. If you want to find valuable items, this product is also available on Shopee. So, here are some category C items:

  • Assorted jewelry, Precious Metals
  • Electronics (Tablet and Mobile)
  • Sealer
  • For babies, items sold such as formula milk, baby food and vitamins
  • Camera, Drone and Flash Sales

How to Calculate Shopee Admin Fees for Non-Star Sellers

How to Calculate Shopee Admin Fees for Non-Star Sellers

As previously explained about the seller category. If you are a seller who has just opened a business on Shopee, then you are included in the non-star seller category. Non-star sellers will be charged an admin fee if:

  • Sales in your store more than 100 times since you joined as a seller in Shopee.
  • You are still a seller with non-star seller status.

So it is very important to know your total sales on Shopee, if you want to see the total sales of the store. You can view sales results through the Shopee application with your cellphone using the following methods:

  1. Enter the Shopee application, make sure the account in the application is your store account.
  2. Then, click the My menu in the lower right corner.
  3. Next, click on the My Shop posts.
  4. Press the My Earnings menu.
  5. After that, press Order Complete.
  6. Select the time period since you joined Shopee.
  7. Finally, calculate the total sales that you have received since the beginning of joining until now.

For those of you who don’t know the details of the administrative fees set by Shopee, please see the explanation below. The calculation of the Shopee admin fee that will be charged to non-star sellers according to the product category is as follows. Admin fee = (original price of product – product discount) x admin fee for each category.

  • Product A Admin Fee, equal to 2.5% x final product price.
  • Admin For Product B/C, same as 1.7% x final product price.
  • Category D/E Admin Fee, equal to 1.25% x final product price

For non-star sellers who have completed a minimum of 100 orders per Wednesday at 00:00 WIB every week will receive an administration fee that applies on Fridays at 00:00 WIB that week.

Benefits that will be obtained

Benefits that will be obtained

Good news for loyal sellers at Shopee because you will get various exclusive benefits. For various types of benefits, you can see the points listed below, which are as follows:

1. Can Access 2 Exclusive Features

  • A sales guide menu in the My Business feature so that sellers can get more complete sales data.
  • The sub-account feature that serves to provide convenience in the division of labor for stores with more than 1 admin.

2. Get Ad Balance Bonus

If you have been selling on Shopee for a long time, you will get a bonus for advertising your shop or product. Sellers get an ad balance bonus of 1% with a maximum of 30,000 / month for every Shopee ad balance replenishment.

3. Upload Capacity Reaches 3,000 Products

If you sell a lot of products, you don’t have to worry because you will benefit from Shopee. Sellers can upload a maximum of up to 3,000 products. With this advantage, the seller can sell a variety of different products in one store.

Shopee Admin Fees In Product Purchase Transactions

Shopee Admin Fees In Product Purchase Transactions

After the various Shopee admin fees are given by the seller, there are also Shopee admin fees for buyers of goods in the Shopee application. For each payment transaction there is a fee that must be borne by the buyer. Various payments made by buyers will be subject to admin fees.

The admin fee that must be paid by the buyer varies, according to a predetermined policy. To find out more, the following Shopee admin fees will be charged by buyers:

1. Shopeepay

Payments using Shopeepay require buyers to fill in the balance on their respective Shopeepay accounts. Each admin fee borne will be different according to the bank used. So, the price that will be given is around Rp. 500 to Rp. 1,000.

2. Alfamart and Alfamidi Payment Admin Fees

In addition to using Shopeepay, those of you who want to pay bills can go through the nearest Alfamart and Alfamidi. Just like Top Up Shopeepay, payments through Alfamidi and Alfamart also have admin fees. For the fee to be paid Rp. 2,500.

3. Through Other Minimarkets Indomaret and Makeup

If there are no Alfamart and Alfamidi minimarkets around your house, you can make transactions at Indomaret and Dandan. However, the admin fee charged will be slightly more expensive than other minimarkets. For Indomaret and Makeup tariffs, a fee of Rp. 3,000

After knowing the various types of payments and administration fees in each payment process, you can choose one. Of the three payment methods, you can choose a payment method with a cheaper admin fee.

The final word

That’s today’s article, sorry if there are word mistakes during the writing process, and I hope this article can be very useful. Don’t forget to read the next article and see you next time!


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