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The cost of changing car tires varies. The price depends on the type, size and brand.

So, before knowing the cost of changing car tires, it’s a good idea to know under what conditions the car tires must be replaced. Because these components are in direct contact with driving comfort and safety.

Car tires are components whose main material is elastic rubber. The elasticity of the rubber tires will continue to change over time. Just like other car components, because car tires also have a service life, especially the material from rubber that is easy to change.

When is it time to change tires?

Car Tire Change Fee
A lump like this is very dangerous, it can suddenly explode while driving.

The longer it takes, the less elastic the rubber will become, until it eventually becomes brittle because it has completely lost its flexibility.

The ideal age for tires is 3 years, this is calculated from the average daily use. Ahmad Sobirin, a rim and tire seller in the Matraman area, East Jakarta, explained that the ideal tire usage is 3 years.” This is calculated from the average tire usage.”

“For example, if it is calculated per kilometer, the expectation is that 60,000 km to 70,000 km of tires have been exhausted. That’s the average passanger car tires, “said Ahmad.

Meanwhile, the On Vehicle Test Manager of PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk., Zulpata Zainal, explained that if the tires were more than five years old, they could still be used, but with conditions. “If the depth of the tread is still high, there is no damage whatsoever, it is very safe to use, just use it, there is no problem,” said Zulpata some time ago.

However, consumers are not encouraged to use “old” tires. because tires that have been more than 3-5 years have hardened or are no longer flexible, so they are no longer comfortable to wear and risky.

To find out the age of the tire is printed on the tire wall. There are usually 4 numbers listed, the first two numbers are the week of manufacture and the two numbers behind it are the year.

Tires that must undergo other changes are due to damage. For example, there is a lump. A lump on a tire is a sign of a broken woven thread or reinforcing wire of tire construction.

If there is a bump, it means that the tire resistance is not the same. Car tires will break more easily because there are some parts of the tire that are no longer strong enough to withstand air pressure.

How to Change Tires Safely

Car Tire Change Fee
If you need to change tire specifications, it is recommended to replace them with a higher size or load index. But this also has its risks.

So how do you change tires safely? According to Bridgestone Indonesia, the safest way to change tires is not to use a smaller size.

This is because it violates the manufacturer’s rules regarding load index and speed index (maximum load and speed limits on tires) and can endanger driving safety.

If you need to change tire specifications, he suggests replacing them with a higher size or load index. But this also has its risks.

For example, traction will be heavier so it requires more effort when you have to turn or move tires. Next is to use tires as needed.

Because on the market there are three types of tires, namely Highway Terrain (HT) which is used for driving needs on highways or paved roads with a smooth development character.

The two are All Terrain (AT), which are tires designed to be used on paved road surfaces (on road) and dirt/rough roads (off road) with a characteristic rougher and more aggressive development.

Then Mud Terrain, are tires for the use of vehicles on rough roads or off road.

Tire Price Depends on Type

Car Tire Change Fee

The cost of changing car tires depends on the brand, type and size. For the cost of changing tires yourself, it depends on the place you visit. Generally, the cost of changing car tires is around Rp. 100 thousand.

Regarding the price, for example, Bridgestone itself, which is one of the most famous tire brands in the world, including in Indonesia, is priced in the range of Rp. 320 thousand – Rp. 3.1 million.

For example, Bridgestone Techno for the Toyota Avanza ring 14 185/70 is sold in the range of IDR 650 thousand per unit.

Then there are also tires from the Michelin manufacturer. These tires are often used by premium class cars. Of course the price offered is much more expensive than Bridgestone and the others. One of the innovations created by Michelin is the tire’s ability to muffle sound, durability and traction when braking.

Meanwhile, positive feedback from buyers also said that Michelin tires are known to be the most durable. The cost of changing Michelin car tires starts from Rp. 870 thousand for the cheapest type 13 XM2 Series. While the most expensive can be around Rp 50 million.

Next is Achilles. The price of Achilles tires itself ranges from Rp. 387 thousand to Rp. 3.2 million which is available in various types, types and sizes.

Likewise Dunlop whose price is similar to middle class tires. Several types of Dunlop car tires are priced starting from Rp. 329 thousand to Rp. 3.2 million.

While the Falken tire brand is sold starting from Rp. 600 thousand. Next, there is a tire manufacturer from Korea, namely Hankook. One of its superior products is that it is designed with quality materials by pinning four circular grooves which of course prevents the car from slipping on wet roads.

tires of this brand are priced starting from Rp. 500 thousand for a ring size of 15. Next is GT Radial which is quite popular in Indonesia. There is no doubt about the quality because the superior tire products have the ability to maintain driving stability.

Tires of this brand are priced from IDR 500 thousand to ring 15 for Nissan Livina, Avanza or Mobilio tires. This is a review regarding the cost of changing car tires.

If you want to change tires, please multiply by yourself how many tires you need to replace. Don’t forget to keep watching for the latest automotive news updates.

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