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Since its premiere in 1988, CBS’s “48” has delved into one harrowing crime case after another to truly shed light on every facet of the human experience. So, of course, Season 36 Episode 3, “Death Comes Home: The Hagen Murder,” was no different, documenting the 2017 double homicide of Pamela Hagen and her young daughter Helen. So Now , if you want to know more about it – with a particular focus on what happened, the investigation that followed and the perpetrators – we have the details for you.

How did Pamela and Helen Hagen die?

Anyone who meets Pamela Denise Hansen Hargan or her daughter (one of three) Helen Lorena Hargan only describes them as kind, loving and active members of their society. After all, while the former is a well-known human resources manager at 63, she’s just starting to prepare at 23 after graduating from Southern Methodist University. So they lived happily ever after in their shared suburban McLean home – worth nearly $1.3million – only for things to take a turn for the worst on July 14, 2017.

That afternoon, Fairfax County police responded to their estate after Helen’s concerned boyfriend called 911 because he had received his odd ring indicating a shooting. Unfortunately, it was too late – two women were found dead from gunshot wounds to the head, and the young man is said to have even suffered additional head trauma. Pamela was lying face down in the mud room, wrapped in a bloody blanket, while Helen was in her bedroom, sitting on the toilet with a gun between her legs.

Who killed Pamela and Helen Hagen?

With the crime scene unmistakably present at the crime scene, the initial theory was Helen’s orchestrated murder-suicide, but subsequent investigations soon revealed a different story. Her sister Meghan backed the idea in an interview with police, saying “something [had] She’s changed over the past few months’, but the truth is that she’s the only one responsible. In fact, even her fiery claim The disagreement about their mother canceling the plan to build a house for Helen because she wanted to live there with her boyfriend is completely wrong.

Instead, the motivation was actually Meghan’s greed and jealousy, stemming from her belief that Pamela favored her sister because she refused to help her financially with the purchase of a freestanding house. Therefore, it desperately needs funding and has tried Fraudulently transferred $420,000 from her mother’s account to her securities company, which was stopped at Pamela’s request once the bank alerted her. That changed, reports said, just a day before the fateful July 14, forcing her to kill her sister and their mother in hopes of finally being able to use the latter’s device to enter the capital.

According to legal records, Meghan first stormed into the laundry room with a .22 caliber rifle in hand and didn’t even hesitate to shoot Pamela before transferring the money. She then shot and killed her sister around 1 p.m. and found her hiding in the bathroom, unaware that she had spoken to her Texas boyfriend, Carlos Gutierrez, worried about what was about to happen. “[Helen] Tell me his sister killed his mother,” Carlos told the court in 2022, just as he told officers in 2017. “She looked scared and scared. I heard her mouth quivering, she was sobbing. “

So with physical evidence at work on Meghan as well – she had remnants of gunshot wounds on her hands, her DNA was on a gun bag and Helen’s wounds were inconsistent with her own injuries – she was arrested in November 2018. The daughter/sister was later charged with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of using a firearm in a murder, but was only found guilty after a trial before a jury in 2022.

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