How and Terms and Conditions for Upgrading Telkomsel Card at Grapari from 3G to 4G

How and terms and conditions for upgrading a Telkomsel card at Grapari from 3G to 4G you need to know. Customers can change their old SIM card to a 4G SIM either offline or online.

Telkomsel is slowly starting to shift its 3G services to 4G/LTE networks. This will be carried out starting in March 2022 in the Java and Bali regions.

This migration process is carried out in stages in various regions in Indonesia. The final stage of the migration from 3G to 4G is planned for November to December 2022, covering 104 cities and regencies.

According to the information we got, Telkomsel has been preparing for migration since last year. The operator has rearranged the 2.3GHz frequency band to strengthen the quality and capacity of the 4G/LTE network.

This will certainly support digital transportation. The digitization process in Indonesia requires a 4G network more than 3G.

In addition, cellular operators are also increasingly actively inviting their users to switch to 4G in order to get a better and faster data access experience than the previous generation.

To upgrade this Telkomsel card, customers can do it at GraPARI or MyGraPARI outlets.

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Telkomsel Card Upgrade Terms at Grapari

Here are some requirements that you need to pay attention to to upgrade your Telkomsel card at Grapari, including:

  • For free fee
  • Must bring ID card or driving license
  • If this number is used for m-banking or sms banking, you can use an ATM card

Terms of Online Telkomsel Card Upgrade

  • Telkomsel Halo and Telkomsel Prepaid customers.
  • For Telkomsel Halo customers, the billing has been paid off. For Telkomsel Prepaid customers, there is no grace period or validity period.
  • The replacement card will be sent from GraPARI which is closest to the delivery location that the customer has specified.
  • The cost of sending a replacement card is charged to the customer and is paid at the beginning using a payment method through a Telkomsel partner or according to the customer’s choice.
  • The replacement card will be sent by Telkomsel’s partner courier according to the customer’s choice, the delivery time will be adjusted to the service that the customer chooses.
  • Mandatory to prepare an identity card, be it e-KTP/Kitas/Kitap/Passport, then Family Card, Selfie photo of the face, photo of holding a card that says ‘Change Card’ accompanied by signature and date of order.
  • The size of the uploaded photo is no more than 10 MB per file or per photo.
  • For 4G upgrade services, customer cards cannot be used temporarily while the card replacement process is in progress.

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How to Upgrade Telkomsel Card 3G to 4G

For those of you who own an old Telkomsel SIM card, you can replace your 4G SIM card offline and online. According to the Telkomsel website, the conditions set for upgrading a 4G card include:

1.Change card to 4G via online

  • Exchange cards to 4G online is valid for customers who have used a smart phone, tablet, or 4G modem who have not used a 4G card and are in a city that has a 4G network. For 4G network information, you can check via UMB *888*47#
  • Exchanging 4G cards online can only be done by Telkomsel Prepaid customers.
  • Card exchange to 4G for kartuHalo customers can only be done offline via GraPARI or MyGraPARI.
  • Changing the card to 4G via online is valid for customers whose numbers are not registered with banking services or M-Banking. Meanwhile, customers whose numbers are registered with banking services can exchange 4G cards at GraPARI and MyGraPARI.

2. Change Card to 4G To The Nearest Grapari

If you want to upgrade your Telkomsel card network offline, then you can visit the nearest Grapari Telkomsel office.

The files that you must bring when you visit Grapari Telkomsel are your starter pack and ID card and family card. It aims to verify that the data really belongs to you.

For the process of upgrading the Telkomsel card from 3g to 4g, the IT team is Telkomsel. There you only need to meet with Telkomsel Customer Service by completing the requirements for upgrading the Telkomsel card at Grapari.

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The final word

That was the information we could share about some of the Telkomsel card upgrade requirements at GraPARI and online. Hopefully the above information can be helpful and useful for all of you. See you in the next article.

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