“Hot Weather Conditions …,” Ministry ‘Dismantled’ 3 Causes of Affected Chicken Supply

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) informed that there is no denying that there are among the poultry farms that face the problem of weight gain of chickens that are disrupted so that the supply of chickens is affected.

According to the ministry’s media statement, there are several causes that have disrupted the raising of chickens on farms, especially in open system coops.

Causes of Affected Chicken Supply

However, it is undeniable that some poultry farms face the problem of weight gain of chickens which is disturbed due to the quality of chicken feed bran, disease infection, extreme hot weather conditions also interfere with raising chickens on farms, especially open system coops. This has affected the supply of poultry in certain areas.

MAFI also stressed that press reports on the issue of chicken ‘cartels’ were inaccurate, following an inspection by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS). The farm companies involved have also given an assurance that their farms will continue to supply chicken for the needs of the local market regardless of whether the chicken is processed either in round, ‘super’, ‘standard’ or cuttings.

Credit: Bernama

The statement added that the evaluation process for the provision of chicken subsidies through DVS to farmers who submit applications is being expedited. Breeders will obtain claims within the promised period if the conditions are met and have been approved.

Not to stop there, MAFI will continue to hold meetings and engage with the industry involved to ensure the continuity of production of this chicken supply. The ministry also takes seriously issues that threaten the country’s food security and is constantly working to re-stabilize this supply for all time.

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