History of the Indonesian National Armed Forces – Duties, Functions and Background

History of the Indonesian National Army – The TNI was formed through Indonesia’s struggle to defend Indonesia’s declaration of independence against threats from the Dutch, who tried to use force to bring Indonesia back to power.

During this period of independence, many Indonesians formed their own fighting forces or human bodies. The Indonesian government’s efforts to perfect the national army continued, while struggling to defend national sovereignty and independence.

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What is the History of the Indonesian Armed Forces?

The history of the TNI can be created in Indonesia’s struggle to defend Indonesia’s declaration of independence against the threat posed by the Dutch, who tried to colonize Indonesia by force of arms.

The TNI was originally an organization called the People’s Security Agency (BKR). Then it became the People’s Security Army (TKR) on October 5, 1945 and then converted back to TRI (Army of the Republic of Indonesia).

After the KMB (Round Table Conference) in December 1949, Indonesia was transformed into a federation called the United Republic of Indonesia (RIS). In line with the formation of the RIS Armed Forces (APRIS), which is a combination of the TNI and KNIL.

On August 17, 1950, RIS Indonesia was dissolved and returned to a unitary state, which is why APRIS changed its name to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia (APRI).

In 1962, efforts to unite the armed forces and the national police became an organization called the Indonesian National Armed Forces (ABRI). Regulations are standardized with the aim of achieving effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out roles and maintaining the influence of certain factions.

In 1998 the political situation in Indonesia changed. Changes also affect the existence of the armed forces. On April 1, 1999, the military and police were officially separated into separate facilities. The name of the armed forces when soldiers return to the military, at which the commander of the armed forces is appointed.

Job and function

The duties, functions and roles of the TNI (formerly ABRI) have also been changed in accordance with Law no. 34/2004. The TNI as a national defense tool acts as a deterrent to all forms of military and armed threats from outside and within the country against sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security, action against all forms of threats, as mentioned above, and restoration of the state. The security conditions were disturbed by the security chaos.

The main mission of the TNI is to maintain national sovereignty, to maintain the territorial integrity of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, and to protect the entire nation and Indonesian blood from threats and disturbances to the integrity of the state.

TNI Background

After independence on 17 August 1945, Indonesia of course had to form an army to protect its sovereignty. For this reason, it did not take long for the People’s Security Agency to be established on 23 August 1945.


However, the BKR is not an official military or military facility in Indonesia. The BKR was established to ensure regional security and to assist the victims of the aftermath of the Revolutionary War. They report to the Indonesian National Committee (KNI) in each region to provide security and return wealth to the community.

Then there was the initiative to form a military forum in the form of a national army. This is useful for increasing the BKR function from maintaining security and becoming more complex. The idea was deemed necessary because it coincided with the situation and conditions

Saurip Kadi TNI-AD’s book Then, Now and Future (2000) states that the presence of the military is needed to maintain the existence of the nation and state. Especially at the time of independence there must be various problems related to the unstable state of the country.

Finally, former Indonesian Defense Forces (PETA), Heiho and KNIL, previously members of the BKR, agreed to deepen their duties and functions within the military organization.

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