“His voice is really powerful, it’s hard to hear..” – Netizen

Mister1 No. 5 Singer’s Performance Video in the Show I Can See Your Voice Season 5 Makes Many Hits. Phew, the melody of the voice, Tokti’s praise is delicious. Ready to get an offer from Bob Yusof again, it’s really good!!

Yesterday was the final episode of I Can See Your Voice Malaysia Season Five. Featuring Dato’ Seri Siti Nurhaliza as a guest artist, Dato’ Siti has to choose which of the 6 mister1 singers is the real singer to do a duet at the end of the show.

This week, the investigative panel of dissenting voices namely Datuk Rosyam Nor, Janna Nick and Andi Bernadee assisted by Bob Yusof, Wany Hasrita and Johan. Indeed happening this episode with Johan’s jokes and other strong investigators teasing the contestants and Dato’ Siti.

Looking at TV3 Malaysia’s Instagram account, a video clip has been shared for the 5th contestant named Muhammad Hadi Hafsham. This child’s teacher performed Edele’s song entitled Easy On Me, it turns out that participant number 5 is a real singer.

The softness of his voice made everyone there clap and cheer. Wow, it seems that Bob also likes Muhammad Hadi Hafsham’s voice. After finishing the performance, Bob asked Asham to meet him after the program.

Let’s watch the video below (full video at the end of the article):

The singing from this participant got a lot of attention and among the netizen comments we can share for the readers:

“His voice is really powerful, it’s hard to hear. Not many people can sing this song with a voice like this.. “

“Wow nice, the voices of this participant are unified. Great sound, don’t waste your talent. Please enter the industry. Good luck..”

“The voice is good, my husband also praises it haha. You are indeed an entertainer. entertainer in children and in all of us as listeners of songs. Please cover many more songs.. “

“The best Hadi Hafsham, nice voice. Need his cover as soon as possible. Easy on me he brought the best so far..”

” The mysterious singer number 5 speaks in a small voice. When he sings, wow, it’s amazing.. He’s talented.. “

“Easy on me, the power of Hadi Hafsham’s voice. Phew, singing Adele’s song, it’s sus4h. Don’t go easy on him..

“Okay slayy Hadi Hafsham. It sounds good, I didn’t expect it to sound as good as this. The talent is there, Bob offered it again.. “

Vocal teachers like Bob were also impressed by Asham’s voice, who knows that in the future Asham’s dream of becoming a singer will come true. Good luck Asham and be more brilliant later.

Watch the full video below:

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Source: IG TV3 Malaysia, Youtube Channel TV3 Malaysia Official

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