His body shape reaps criticism, netizens ask Jiwoo NMIXX to diet?

One of the members of rookie girl group which is under the auspices of JYP Entertainment, Jiwoo NMIXX was again criticized by Netizens South Korea is related to its current body shape.

Through one of South Korea’s well-known community forums, a Netizens created a new thread entitled “Seriously, isn’t it, NMIXX’s Jiwoo has to take care of his body?”, which shows a screenshot from a TikTok video, showing Jiwoo and NMIXX making a public appearance.

Jiwoo NMIXX (Photo: Pann Nate)

“The phone cameras are close to their appearance in the real world, but the legs look above average. Idols should take care of themselves and you can clearly tell by seeing that he (has a body) is above average,” wrote a long netizen through the thread.

In response to this, other users also made various comments through the thread created on Pann Nate.

“I like NMIXX, but I think it would be better if Jiwoo lost a little weight… Her face is pretty but her body is so big that she doesn’t give off any aura.. When she loses weight, she explodes with potential.”

“But why doesn’t he look fat at all from his face compared to his body?…”

“What was even more surprising was that the fat was just from the belly to the legs”

“I think he can get into ‘(Visual) Bermuda’ with Sullyoon and Jinni if ​​he loses some weight. She has to lose weight for her next album…”

“If one member of the group is overweight, the group’s appearance will be ruined” and various other comments from netizens.

How do you respond to netizen criticism directed at NMIXX’s Jiwoo? (www.kpopchart.net)

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