Hiking Trail of Mount Sindoro 2022, Prohibitions, Legends and Mysteries

Mount Sindoro is a volcanic mountain that is still active today which is side by side with Mount Sumbing which makes both of them equally strong.

Opening hours: 24 jam
Entrance Ticket:
Telephone number:
Activity: Climbing the mountain, taking pictures
Best time: Morning or evening
Need to Bring: Hats, drinking water, backpacks, tents, cameras, change of clothes, food, raincoats
Field: Don’t litter, don’t destroy the environment, don’t say rude things, don’t joke too much
Address: Area Gn., Damarkasian, Kertek, Wonosobo
Central Java
Public facilities: Vehicle parking , Climber base camp, Toilet/shower, Mushola, Ojek
Access Road: Steep and uphill (tracking)
Shop: Ada
Online Maps: View Maps

Mountain climbing is one of the adrenaline-challenging activities that millennial teenagers are currently enjoying. Currently climbing the mountain is like an activity that must be included in the vacation list.

Have you become one of those people who like to climb mountains, or just want to try to feel the sensation of climbing mountains? There are many mountains that you really should try, Mount Sindoro for example.

This mountain, located in the Temanggung area, is really worth a try. Here, the dolanyok team will explain the reasons why you should try to explore this mountain.

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