“He’s cute, his smiling face is getting cuter..” – Netizen

Video of Ayda Jebat’s antics, Ana Nayla with her cute facial expression. You’re really good at making little kids smile like that. Very similar to Mama, Hehe!!

Time passes quickly, next September Ana Nayla will be one year old. The child of a celebrity couple, Ayda Jebat and Nabil Mahir, has a pair of round eyes and a cute face like his mother.

Looking at Ana Nayla’s Instagram account, a video was shared showing Nayla’s antics making facial reactions and giving smiles. Ayda’s caption reads ‘ naughty me’.

Seeing Nayla’s smile, it seemed that she really wanted to smile like that. This smile is also what makes fans furious to see Nayla. The bigger it gets, the cuter this mom and dad favorite gets.

To date, the video has garnered more than 3000 likes from fans since it was uploaded. Nayla’s sitting posture is like a big child, while clapping her hands, this cute one looks so cheerful.

Let’s watch the video below:

Looking at the comments column, the average fan praised Nayla’s sweet face and smile. Among their comments:

“She’s cute, her smiling face makes me even cuter when I see Ana Nayla.”

“The funniest thing is he is bald, he has no teeth hehe. You are so cute Nayla, you are very good at making girls smile like that..”

“He is smart, his face is similar to Ayda Jebat. Hopefully he will grow up to be a pious child..”

“You’ve grown Nayla, sit like a boss, Nayla. That smile really looks like a child. Can you sing this mother’s song, you want want want want want want..”

“Nayla’s really funny, mom’s face is really cute. Nayla’s laugh must be funny, really cute.. When I want to grow Nayla’s hair, honey..”

“My Bam Bam girl, where is Ana Nayla’s baby hair hehe? I don’t have hair anymore, I look che3ky, you know that smile..”

“Like Ayda’s sister, Ana Nayla is too mummy. Good at smiling, good at drinking, very cute.”

Nice to see Nayla happy like this. May Ana Nayla continue to grow up healthy, become a pious child for mother and father, be blessed with a wise mind and become a useful person for religion, nation and state.

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Source: IG Ana Nayla

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