Here’s What XRP Lawyers Say About Ripple vs SEC Case |

The old battle between Ripple and the SEC is just days away from the summary judgment. Everyone in the crypto space is patiently waiting to see that the lawsuit ends.

As per the founder of Crypto-Law.US, John Deaton, the crypto community is of the opinion that Ripple is not settling down anytime soon.

On the other hand, if Gary Gensler, SEC Chair, would admit that everything XRP-related is non-secure, then Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse would end the dispute.

According to John Deaton, we won’t see Ripple settle this early and the company is also expected to get an assessment in its favour. He further said that except for his shareholders, Brad Garlinghouse owes nothing to anyone. He also claims that dispute resolution will not give the XRP tokens a sense of regularity, but will have financial certainty.

Will This Case Go To The Next Judicial Trial?

If XRP wins against the SEC, then there’s a good chance that most exchanges will re-list XRP. However, John emphasized that this dispute could not be fully resolved by the judge, this case would be continued with a jury trial in its entirety.

Ripple has skillfully adapted to the conditions created by the litigation. The trial has caused significant damage to the blockchain network and its native token, according to Deathon. Meanwhile, he notes that just saying these minor details doesn’t mean that a compromise is possible.

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