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Here’s How to Easily Get an OSS Industrial Business License

Basically, taking care of the OSS industrial business license is a technology system created to make it easier for business people to get a business license. Through this OSS, business people will be able to get a business license more easily and of course quickly.

Of course, with this OSS, business actors can also make time more efficient in registering their businesses. However, how do you actually apply for a business license on this OSS? Check out the following reviews:

Get to know the OSS RBA Industrial Business License at a Glance

OSS Industrial Business License Method

As it is known that opening a business must have a permit. Both micro, small and medium enterprises must have a license to operate their own business. This is of course related to the protection that can be obtained by business people from fraudulent actions.

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Of course, even with this business license, the business owned can be kept away from any fraudulent models carried out by others on behalf of the business owned. This is what makes the registration of a business license so important for business people to do.

In this era, business people can register their businesses more easily. Now through the OSS industry business license, business people can register their businesses online. Later this business license will also get a license based on the level of risk of the business where this is referred to as OSS RBA.

Of course, this way, business people no longer need to physically take care of files at the Regional Government Organizations. The offline registration process is quite complicated, basically, this is a drawback.

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This then makes most business actors reluctant to register their business with local governments. Especially with the many physical files that need to be prepared. Of course, this will make business people need a lot of time in completing the physical requirements to be registered.

Judging from this, then OSS or Online Single Submission is made with technology that is more friendly to ordinary people. Through this system, it is hoped that the community will be able to realize how important it is to have a license for a business being initiated.

OSS itself is actually a form of online licensing that was created to make it easier for business actors to get a business license. Through this system, business actors will be able to protect their businesses.

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OSS Industrial Business License Requirements

Of course, to be able to have an OSS permit, business people still have to meet the requirements that have been set. However, business people are not worried because the requirements that have been set in OSS will basically not be too complicated.

Even business people do not need to prepare a lot of physical files to be able to register, this will later require the fulfillment of the OSS industry business license requirements. Then, what are the conditions? Here’s the full review you need to know:

  1. Have a NIK or Population Identification Number registered with the Business Responsible Agency.
  2. Have a legal basis for establishing a business (if the business owned is in the form of a Perum or Perumda).
  3. Complete the process of legalization of bodies at AHU online for business owners of PT, CV or firm.

Steps to Make an Industrial Business License at OSS

If each of the requirements for the OSS industrial business license has been successfully completed, the next step of course is to register with the OSS system. This registration itself will of course go through several processes that need to be done.

Later, if the registration has been confirmed, then the business owned has been legally licensed to operate and has been protected under the auspices of OSS. Then, how to register this OSS licensing? Let’s look at the following reviews:

  • The first stage of course, please first open the official website of OSS.
  • Please click register as the next step.
  • Choose the business scale you have, for example, choose the MSE business scale for micro, small and medium business owners.
  • The next step is to complete the registration form provided by the system.
  • Enter the verification code if the registration form has been successfully submitted.
  • The next step that needs to be done is to re-complete the form and create a password.
  • Later the form that needs to be completed is a form related to the owner of the business.
  • If the registration form has been successful, the next step is to check the incoming email to find out the username and password.
  • It is through this username and password that later information related to business licenses can be seen and known.

What Exactly is the Function of OSS?

Basically, every system that is created has its own function. This also applies to the OSS system. Through this system, business people will be able to have a clear business license.

It is not surprising that in the end this system is so important for business actors. Especially in the modern era which has many possible risks that can occur in business. Then, what is the function of administering the OSS industrial business license? Check out his review below:

1. Simplify the Business Licensing Process

The first function of the OSS industry business license requirements is, of course, as a form of system that makes it easier for business actors to obtain business permits. This is a form of a system created to facilitate the previous registration process which was carried out offline.

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Through this system, business actors will be able to get an online registration form. This will be an easier process than registering directly through the local government.

2. Can Get Troubleshooting Process in One Place

Through this OSS, business actors will also be able to report and solve problems more efficiently. This is because the OSS has provided a system to be a place for business actors to report their businesses.

Of course, this becomes a more efficient process when compared to going through an offline process which will require a lot of time and effort. This then makes OSS an important system for business actors by fulfilling the OSS industry business license requirements.

3. More Practical Data Storage

The next thing that becomes an important function of OSS is the existence of a system that allows business actors to save their identities if it is more practical. Through this system, business actors will be able to store their identities in a single container called NIB.

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4. Shorten Time in Licensing

Through the process of fulfilling the OSS 2022 industrial business license, later business players can also be contacted more quickly, precisely and of course safely. This is because of the system that is designed with a simple but right on target.

This then makes OSS able to contact stakeholders more quickly. While the validity period of the OSS industrial business license itself is 3 years.

Of course, business actors can also take care of licensing quickly, safely and more easily in a relatively short time. Of course, the files needed are also not too many so that it makes business actors feel difficult.

This is what makes the OSS industrial business license an important part for business actors, both SMEs and businesses in the form of business entities such as PT, CV and Firm. The existence of this license, of course, can make it easier for business actors to get the security of their business brand. Thanks for reading on


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