Here’s How to Delete Amazon Account Permanently on Android Quickly and Easily

How to Permanently Delete Amazon Account – Applications found on smartphones are generally as a supporter that can help the user himself. It is the same with the application that we are going to discuss, namely Amazon, an application that we can use to buy and sell online on a large scale or internationally.

For some people, you may already be very familiar with this one application, especially business people. But many still don’t know what the Amazon app is and what it’s used for. For this reason, here Mimin will explain a little about the Amazon application for friends who don’t know it yet.

What is an Amazon App?

Amazon is an e-commerce application or more specifically, is an online store on an international scale that covers almost all countries in the world. Amazon is also one of the best online trading platforms like well-known companies namely Alibaba and others.

Apart from being in the e-commerce field, Amazon is a company that also manages various businesses in the technology field, some of which include Digital Streaming, Cloud Computing, and also Artificial Intelligence.

Many users, starting from businessmen, use Amazon as a cross-border online buying and selling application. Many various objects are sold online here, ranging from electronics, home products even to games and others are here.

But here Mimin will not explain in more detail about the Amazon application, because here Mimin will review how to delete an account that my friend has in the Amazon application. I don’t know what the reason is, but there are also many users who want to delete their amazon account.

One of the reasons that often or many users do is to keep personal data as privacy safe, that’s why many users want to delete the account. Are you one of them, if so, read this review to the end.

How to Delete Amazon Account Easily on Android

You can find the Amazon application on the Google Play Store for Android device users. Reviews on how to delete an amazon account have been posted by various sites, and one of them is So, for Android users who want to delete your Amazon account, here you can see the steps.

Actually this method is quite easy, but indeed many don’t know it, that’s why you can find many tutorials on Google. Well here is how to delete an Amazon account easy on Android:

  1. First, please open the Amazon application on your Android smartphone.
  2. If you are already logged in, my friend, select the menu Customer service on the side navigation menu.
  3. Then in column need more help? buddy type closed account if you click the button GO.
  4. Your account data will appear, then click Close Your Account.
  5. The next page will appear, please scroll down and click contact us.
  6. The From Request Your Data page will appear, here you will be asked to fill out a form.
  7. In the first column on Select problembuddy choose option Request Your Data.
  8. And in the second column there will be 2 choices, namely: Problem accessing my data and Delete my data. Choose one of the reasons why you want to delete this account.
  9. Next step click email and you will be taken to another page.
  10. Here, my friend, enter your email address in the column Email Your Amazon Account along with your name in the column Shaping.
  11. The last step, my friend, just click Send or Send email to the Amazon team for the issue of deleting the account data.

Now you just have to wait for a reply from the Amazon team regarding account deletion, whether it’s approved or not, you just have to wait. If it is rejected, you can repeat the request again with the same steps as above.

Alright buddy, that’s how to delete an Amazon account on Android easily. Good luck and hopefully useful. Don’t forget to share so that other friends can find out this information, thank you.

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