Here are 8 Effective Ways to Choose a Vehicle Insurance Company

Vehicles, whether cars or motorbikes, are not only assets that you have that can support your mobility. However, a vehicle is a big investment that without you realizing it has made you think about some expenses as maintenance so that the condition of the engine and the design of the car is still in a smooth state. Of course, vehicle insurance is very important. Because, in the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle, you will automatically lose the investment.

The high awareness that a car or motorcycle is part of the investment and maintenance is not cheap, so there are many requests for protection of the condition of the vehicle. Thus, the existence of insurance companies in Indonesia began to mushroom. Well, if you have a vehicle that you want to insure, here are some things you should consider when choosing the right insurance company.

Here are 8 Effective Ways to Choose a Vehicle Insurance Company

1. Check the vehicle and understand what insurance is

Before choosing the right insurance company, first check your vehicle. If you are of a good age with important vehicle uses, for example regarding your business, then it is certain that the vehicle must be insured. Also understand what insurance is, because insurance is divided into two types. First, there is insurance that covers almost all risks to the vehicle, whether small or large. The second is insurance which only covers the risk of damage to the vehicle about 75% of the value of the vehicle. Choose the second type of insurance if you have an old car with high mobility.

2. Make sure the company has a good reputation

Companies that have a good reputation, of course, have experience and expertise in this field and that is the main key that you must pay attention to before making a choice on an insurance company. Insurance companies that have high experience, it is certain that they can resolve claims correctly. Before you are disappointed in advance, check how and for how long the insurance company promises to process the claims you need and how they arrange payment times.

3. Pay attention to the complaint ratio

Before choosing an insurance company for your vehicle, first read the level of complaints in its service. If you want the best results, make a comparison between the number of complaints received by the company and the complaints they can resolve. The insurance company cannot be your choice if the level of complaints they receive is much greater than the level of complaints that have been resolved.

4. Ask dealers for recommendations

The next way to find the right insurance company is to use dealer recommendations. Dealers can be a source of information for you about the reputation of an insurance company, so you can ask for recommendations from dealers. The trick is to visit the dealer. Some of these dealers can provide positive information about insurance companies you can trust.

5. Check the company’s partner workshop

A trusted insurance company, of course, has many company partner workshops. The more partner workshops they have, the stronger the insurance company’s credibility. Thus, you will have the convenience of managing your vehicle insurance claim.

6. Choose the type of insurance policy as needed

Insurance companies also offer different types of insurance policies to you. So, make sure if the type of insurance policy you choose fits your needs. Also make sure that the company you want to choose provides the insurance you want. Read in advance the various provisions and regulations that they have made in this type of insurance policy to avoid things that will burden you when you want to take care of the claim and payment process.

7. Check out the features the company has to offer

It would be better if you choose an insurance company that has several very useful service features for your convenience, for example a 24-hour hotline, tow truck support and also branches that are everywhere. So, when you are driving in a place far from home and have problems with the car, you too can easily get service.

8. Choose the appropriate insurance fee for the vehicle

The thing that is no less important is to pay attention to the right insurance costs and according to your vehicle. Again, you need to read all applicable terms. Ask clearly the insurance company you want to choose about the cost of insurance and what rights you will get. Thus, you can avoid costs that can burden you, especially financially.

Want to prepare loss insurance but don’t know the benefits and types?

Today the need for insurance to face some of the risks that could happen to us in our daily life is very important. However, some people only know general insurance products such as life insurance, health insurance, education insurance, and others. Only a handful of people are familiar with this type of loss insurance. What is loss insurance and what are the benefits for our daily needs?

Loss insurance is a way or effort to provide services to bear the risk of loss, benefit, loss to third parties who experience events or losses that are still uncertain in the future.

Indonesia has implemented legal regulations and has been regulated in the legislation for insurance. The regulation stipulates that if an insurance company already has a loss insurance product, it cannot have other insurance products. This is also in accordance with the meaning of loss insurance itself.

In Indonesia, there are 3 types of loss insurance, namely, fire, transportation and miscellaneous insurance. For more details, you can read the explanation below:

Fire insurance

This insurance covers losses from property fires that have been insured. The types of goods/properties that can be insured are houses, hotels, warehouses, buildings, offices, installations, shops, factories, and others. In this insurance policy, it has been explained in detail about the type of coverage that results in losses due to fire, plane crash, and lightning strike.

Freight Insurance

This insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage in the event of a risk on goods sent via shipping lines. This coverage is given to the ship owner and the party who suffers a loss if this risk occurs, such as a sinking ship and other risks.

Miscellaneous Insurance

This insurance is another form of insurance from fire insurance and transportation insurance that provides more protection against the risk of theft, motor vehicle insurance, and personal accident insurance.

After knowing the meaning and types of loss insurance above, we can already see how big the benefits provided by this type of insurance are. Especially for entrepreneurs to protect their property from various events that cannot be predicted in the future.

In Indonesia, there are many companies that provide this insurance product. Be wise and research before deciding on what company you will buy this product from. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the products offered. Carefully examine the terms and conditions provided. Hopefully this article can provide benefits to you about loss insurance.

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