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Here are 5 Viar Electric Motor Specifications, Check Complete Information Here

Viar Electric Motor Specifications – For those of you who are updated about the automotive world, of course, you are familiar with the term automatic electric motor from Viar. Yes, supported by current technological developments, the automotive world continues to compete to create new innovations to increase sales of products that have been released. This electric motor is a motor produced by PT Triangle Motorindo.

As an electric motor that is currently electric, the Viar motor has specifications that are not arbitrary. Although it seems simple and ordinary, this motorbike has a unique design and long-lasting power.

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So, instead of being curious, let’s see what the specifications of the Viar electric motorbike are so that they can be familiar to young people’s ears?

Viar. electric motor specifications

The Viar electric motorcycle automotive world has many competitors whose quality is not far behind the Viar electric motorcycle. One of the Viar electric motorcycle competitors is an electric motor from Scoopy. However, there are many things that become the attraction of this electric Viar motorbike so that it is most liked by young people.

So, what are the advantages and specifications of this electric Viar motor? Instead of being curious, Blibli friends, let’s look at the following information on the specifications of the Viar electric motor.

1. Design

The design of the Viar electric motor is quite simple but has an elegant impression. In addition, the lights used by the Viar motorbike already use LED lights. By using this LED light, the Viar electric motor is quite feasible to have and is suitable for use at night.

The dimensions of this motorbike are 1,680 x 690 x 1,230 mm. With the dimensions of the Viar electric motorbike, it is very easy to use in crowded places because this motorbike is quite slim when used to overtake other vehicles. While the axis of the Viar motor is rarely 1.60 mm.

The Viar motorbike has a load of 87.5 kg so that this motorbike allows it to be used for small riders, this motorbike is not too big or small so it is light when used.

2. Battery

This Viar electric motor has a fairly capable battery quality. Where this electric motor is supported by a power source or power of 2 kWh using a 60v 23 Ah Lithium ion battery. While its use can be done with 800 to 1000 cycles. Meanwhile, to charge it takes 3 to 4 hours.

Although it looks small, this motorbike excels at a speed of 60 km / h as an electric motor. Not only that, this electric motor also produces 800 watts of power. While the battery capacity used by this electric motor can be used to cover a distance of 120 km if the motor is equipped with two fully charged batteries.

3. Machine

In accordance with the designation of an electric motor for this Viar motor, the Viar motor has an engine composition that has been supported by the advantages of refueling using electrical energy.

This is a new innovation in the midst of soaring uncertain fuel prices. With this electric motorbike, Friends of Blibli can minimize the use of money due to frequent purchases of gasoline.

The Viar electric motor already uses a Lithium – ion 60v(20AH) engine with a power used for a single charge of 800 watts. The distribution of power used by the Viar motor is through a dynamo located just to the left of the rear wheel. By having a slim size this motorbike can go at a speed of 60 km / h.

4. Viar Electric Electric Motor Color

The electric motor from Viar Q only has one color, which is bone white which is almost cream in color. Although only one color is available, this motorbike is quite worth having because of its neutral color and suitable for use by both women and men.

5. Security System

The viar electric motor is also different from conventional motors in general. Where this motor has not used the ABS security system. Although supported by technological advances, ABS security systems are now the most sought after.

This is certainly worth considering because the security system must be supported by qualified technology. However, if you use this motorbike at low speed, it will not be a problem, because the brake safety system is enough to help maintain safety while driving.

For those of you who are interested in Viar electric motors, here are some recommendations that you can choose for consideration. Let’s look at the following Viar electric motor recommendations

Viar. Electric Motor Recommendation

1. Via N2 . electric motor

One of the recommendations for the first Viar electric motor is the Viar n2 electric motor, the Viar N2 electric motor is one of the motors designed for short distance travel. The Viar N2 electric motor is equipped with batteries with a capacity of 60V 23AH and 2 Kwh and is supported by parallel batteries.

2. Via N1 . electric motor

Not much different from the previous electric motor, the Viar N1 electric motor is also equipped with a battery capacity of 60V and 23 Ah and 1.5 Kwh.

While the motorcycle safety division is equipped with disc brakes on the rear and front wheels. As for the lighting in the headlamp, this motorbike already uses LED lights that are quite capable.

3. Viar Uno Electric Bike

In fact, this Viar motorbike has various kinds of electric motors that can be included in the category of electric motors that are worthy of being owned by Blibli Friends. This motor is powered by a battery with a capacity of 48 V, 12 Ah while the power used for this motor is 350 watts for a single charge.

The Viar uno electric motorbike can be used with a distance of 50 km with a chance of 30 km / hour so this motorbike deserves to be included in the must have category for Blibli Friends who are interested in using it.



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