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Hengky Honandar Leads the Bitung Municipal Government on a Pilgrimage to the Tomb of SH Sarundajang

Bitung City Government ranks with the family of the late SH Sarundajang

Kawangkoan, — Deputy Mayor of Bitung, Tuesday (4/10/2022) led the ranks of the Bitung City Government to make a pilgrimage to the grave of DR Sinyo Harry Sarundajang in West Tompaso District.

The arrival of Hengky Honandar along with the ranks and Management of the TP-PKK City of Bitung was greeted directly by the wife of the late SH Sarundajang Deitje Sarundajang – Laoh Tambuwun accompanied by Ivan Sarundajang and Fabian Sarundajang.

Before holding the pilgrimage ceremony, the group was first greeted by the family with the typical culinary of Kawangkoan Nuts and other dishes.

Deputy Mayor of Bitung Hengky Honandar during the sowing of flowers at the grave of SH Sarundajang

About 30 minutes of rest, the pilgrimage ceremony began right in front of the meal of the late SH Sarundajang who was also entrusted as the Ambassador of the Philippines and the Marshall Islands.

After paying his respects, Hengky Honandar performed a flower-laying ceremony followed by the family of the late SH Sarundajang and the entire Bitung City Government who took part.

On the sidelines of the free event after the pilgrimage, Hengky Honandar seemed to be sitting relaxed in the Sarundajang Family house complex – Laoh Tambuwun.

A number of journalists also approached and asked permission to be interviewed and it was served very well.

When asked about his impressions when he made a pilgrimage to the tomb of the Mayor of Bitung, Hengky Honandar spontaneously stated several things.

Bitung City Government ASN

“The main thing is that the late SH Sarundajang had served as head of government in Bitung City. Regarding impressions, of course we can say that the deceased had a great service while leading the City of Bitung and we must take our hats off to all of them. He is a senior who has many achievements,” said Hengky Honandar.

He added that several things deserve appreciation, including leading Bitung City for more than 10 years, serving as the acting Governor of Maluku during conflicts in the Maluku region (Ternate and Ambon), Inspector General of the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Governor of North Sulawesi and the Philippine Ambassador.

Deitje Sarundajang – Laoh Tambuwung

Besides that, Hengky Honandar also said that the pilgrimage activity that had been carried out since this morning was in the context of celebrating the 32nd Anniversary.

Meanwhile, Deitje Sarundajang – Laoh Tambuwung expressed his gratitude to the Deputy Mayor of Bitung Hengky Honandar, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the TP-PKK Bitung City and the staff who attended.

“Thank you from the family of the late SH Sarundajang. In the future, if you want to just unwind, you can come to this place again and do light activities to relax yourself from the daily bustle of the office. You can drink coffee and relax for a moment in the garden, or see the atmosphere of the library and so on,” he said.

(Frangki Wullur)

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