“Head bowed,” the man claimed that Pocong was ‘riding’ his friend’s motorbike

Had recorded, the video of Pocong riding a motorbike on the third highway was contagious on Twitter. Get over 1000 retweets.

From time immemorial, horror stories have always attracted the attention of many even though most of the stories are not known to be true. Now with the advent of social media, the spread of such stories is happening more widely.

Most recently, a Twitter user shared a share, @bengwho claimed that his friend had been harassed by a pocong while riding a motorcycle.

According to Beng, the incident allegedly happened in Kampung Felda Soeharto, Kuala Kubu Bahru, Hulu Selangor on May 4.

Through the video uploaded by him, the glimpse wrapped in white cloth can be seen in the side mirror and is ‘piggybacking’ on the motorcycle.

“The heart is not strong, don’t open it. The incident near Kampung Felda Soeharto during the third festival. Head bowed on a motorcycle, “said Beng.

Contacted by SK, Beng said his friend was on his way home and suddenly felt the back of the motorcycle become heavy as if there was a ‘thing’ riding on it.

However, he claimed that the figure did not follow his friend home.

“Because the road to his house is a hill, so after going up the hill, there is nothing left.

“I really want to enter the house area, it’s not there,” he said.

To date, the video has been viewed 68.3 thousand times and was showered with various reactions and opinions from netizens.

Source: Beng

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