HBO Show Stupid Sixers in Viral ‘Trust the Process’ Clip

The Philadelphia 76ers could use a motto after another early playoff exit. “Trust the Process” just doesn’t cut it anymore, not after losing in the second round for the second year in a row. In four of the last five seasons, the Sixers have failed to advance further than the Eastern Conference semifinals.

And local fans and media aren’t the only ones taking notice. “Trust the Process” has become the subject of national jokes after a scene-stealing quote from a bartender on the HBO hit show Hacks went viral. In the episode, the two main characters – played by actresses Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder – discuss how to deal with a difficult situation and the baggage that comes with it.

Einbinder complains that the Sixers motto is a good philosophy of life: “Like every game, win or lose, it’s just part of it.” The problem is that she can’t remember the name of the basketball team that decided has to “trust the process”.

When the bartender comes back to take their drink order, he tells them that the team is the Philadelphia 76ers. Which prompts Smart’s character to ask, “So, did it work? Did they win a championship?” And the bartender replies, “No, no. They blow it every year. You suck.”

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Adam Sandler’s new basketball movie, Hustle, premieres June 8 on Netflix. according to the actor. The film is co-produced by LeBron James and stars Sandler as a hapless scout for the Philadelphia 76ers who recruits a young candidate from Spain. It was shot in and around Philly with Meek Mill playing a prominent role in the soundtrack.

The film features exciting cameos from several NBA stars including Tobias Harris, Matisse Thybulle, Seth Curry, Trae Young, Anthony Edwards, Boban Marjanović and Kyle Lowry. But the highlight for Sandler was meeting Julius Erving, one of his childhood heroes. He had a poster of Dr. J in his room growing up.

“All the guys have done us such favors so I don’t want to single anyone out but I’m sure everyone would agree [working with] Julius Erving has been truly honored with what he has done for the game and for all of us,” Sandler told Entertainment Weekly. “Shaking the guy’s hand, talking to him, and laughing with him was something my dad would have been amazed at. We talked a lot in my house about Dr. J, and I had a poster of him in my room growing up. He was a sweetheart and I can’t thank him enough.

Doc Rivers’ name was not on a list of three potential candidates to head the Los Angeles Lakers. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s out of the running. According to Marc Steinthe Lakers haven’t given up hope of Rivers heading to California. The Sixers have publicly stated that Rivers will be back next season, but things can change.

Stein wrote, “There remains a suspicion in league coaching circles that the Lakers have not entirely given up hope of Philadelphia’s Doc Rivers unexpectedly becoming available — despite recent insistence from Sixers basketball operations president Daryl Morey that Rivers will be back next season.” will be in Philly.”

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