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Latest James Bond the film ends with the statement that “James Bond will be back”. the film in question, No Time to Die, is currently in theaters and is, supposedly, Daniel Craig’s final appearance as the iconic character after fifteen years playing him. During those fifteen years, Craig has starred as Bond in five Bond films: Kasino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), The sky is falling (2012), Specter (2015), and now No Time to Die.

Final release James Bond The film starring Daniel Craig is a long time coming. The complications of the pandemic barred the film from being released in theaters for more than a year past its initial release date. Although it was delayed, anticipation for this film remains high. Viewers seem to be flocking out to see Craig’s Keeping close swan song.

Daniel Craig’s induction into the world James Bond not really smooth. Its casting causes (kinda ridiculous) is going around the internet, for reasons we still don’t fully understand. However, most of the worries were put to rest when Kasino Royale came out, which proved to be reviving the franchise for modern audiences. Spoiler for No Time to Die in front of.

Daniel Craig James Bond Run

Although Daniel Craig’s role in James Bond eventually proved popular, it’s highly unlikely fans will see him in the role again. However, the role is constantly being rearranged, so it’s likely that fans will see Bond again, but played by another actor. Maybe the next actor will reinvent the role as Craig did when Kasino Royale came out in 2006.

Daniel Craig’s take on James Bond offers several more layers to the character than fans have ever seen before. Instead of being suave and calm, Craig’s Bond is rather rude and prone to mischief. Instead of being campy & funny, Craig’s Bond’s humor is dry, when he’s joking at all.

As a result, the campiness is over-the-top than the previous one Keeping close films were removed in favor of the more serious and serious tone popularized by films like Knight of Darkness. Kasino Royale was greeted with a warm welcome praising Craig’s film style and performance.

Quantum of Solace not well received, but the follow up The sky is falling before. Sam Mendes brings his signature visual style, and Craig plays Bond more tormented than ever. The sky is falling followed by Specter, which offers a nod to the somewhat convoluted plot of the previous Bond films. Specter leaves some loose ends to tie. enter No Time to Die.

OK, spoiler time. If you really want to know if Daniel Craig will return to play James Bond again, No Time to Die give the most definite answer possible with (okay really, won’t be back now) killed Craig’s Bond. So, we think it’s time to die.

Who could be the next Bond?

There was a big push to diversify James Bond, a character who was always played as a white cis male. Bond is a known character with a certain brand of masculinity, and there is debate as to whether the character would benefit or suffer from that important formula change.

One thing is for sure: James Bond will return, but not in the form of Daniel Craig.

Who would you like to see as the next James Bond? Is it finally Idris Elba’s time? Should the role go to a woman, or, as Daniel Craig suggests, should Hollywood create a better role for women than James Bond? Are you tired? James Bond at all? Leave your fancast & opinion in the comments!

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