“Happy holiday, play with sunglasses, baby, hehe.. ” – Netizen

Jebat Jayden’s Holiday Videos With His Father, Sharnaaz Ahmad. Wow, I look really happy, I can’t stop talking. So cute !!

The son of actors Sharnaaz Ahmad and Noor Nabila who was given the name Jebat Jayden often attracts the attention of many. What’s more, Jebat is a child who is quite modest in his demeanor, even though he was recorded by his father and mother who are diligent.

Previously, several videos of Jebat Jayden’s antics have caught the attention of netizens. Among them are Jebat’s behavior while singing, talking spontaneously and so on. Latest, via Instagram account Heroine.79 has shared some of Jebat’s latest videos with Sharnaaz.

It is understood the two children are spending time together on holiday a resort. Even though the holiday was without a dear mother, it looked very Jebat behave and his demeanor on each video is so cute.

In fact, it can be heard on every video, there is only Sharnaaz meny4kat Jebat. It looks so great enjoy on vacation with his father. Most cute when hearing Jebat speak fluently, wisely correct every answer given by Jebat to Sharnaaz.

Follow the video sharing below:

Video while traveling to vacation ..

Cute Jebat with glasses, arrived safely at the destination ..

Enjoy the evening on the beach..

Breakfast with Baba..

Amboi feeling by the beach, cute Jebat ..

The video sharing has caught the attention of fans. On average, I like watching Jebat’s holiday videos with Sharnaaz. Among the comments from netizens:

“Happy holiday, play with sunglasses baby, hehe ger4m look at this cute Jebat, he’s big ..”

“Enjoy Jebab Jayden, don’t play on the beach for a long time, later ghis4u hand r0shakk pulak, hahaha ..”

“It’s cute Jebat, there’s a mouth he says doesn’t stop. You can be my father’s friend, alahaiii very sweet ..

”Amboi Boy, hehe treat the feeling on the beach properly. It’s worth flying Boy, I’m wearing a superman bj, hehe .. “

”Worth the hindustan song part by the beach, hahaha. Jebat Jayden is cute, he’s a big boy now .. “

”Jebat is the most handsome ok with his sunglasses. Look at this style, many fans of Sharnaaz Ahmad’s children .. “

”Happy Holidays, have fun Baba and son. It’s fun to see Jebat’s behavior, Jebat is smart now, like a big man .. “

Comments from Noor Nabila:

He likes Jebat, it looks right happy with his vacation this time. In any case, may Jebat continue to grow up well and healthy and be a pious child for both his parents.

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Source: IG Srikandi.79, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Jebat Jayden

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