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Daniel Toce (Kim Zolciak’s Ex-Husband) Age, Father, Wives



Daniel Toce

Daniel Toce is the ex-husband of the famous American television star Kim Zolciak-Biermann. He is best known because of his wife Zolciak, the famous public figure in Atlanta’s ex-husband reality show “Real Housewives.” At that time, they were the parents of a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, their marital relationship was just 3 years long, and they got divorced on 11 February 2003. After their divorce, many people and gossip websites started spreading the rumour that Zolciak got a large quantity of alimony from her ex-husband Daniel for child care.

Daniel Biography

Some said that Daniel was not giving time to his family, and even he didn’t take care of his child. Some of Zolciak fans started gossip on her Instagram account that Zolciak obtained $30,000 for child care for her daughter Brielle and $250K in alimony. On the other hand, some people said it’s a totally wrong allegation, Toce doesn’t have any money. That’s why it’s challenging for any common person to understand who is right or wrong. Let’s talk about Toce’s age, wife, daughter, etc.

Full NameDaniel Toce
Nick NameDaniel
Date of BirthNot Known
BirthplaceNot Known
OccupationNot Known
Net WorthNot Known
Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
BrotherNot Known
SisterNot Known
GirlfriendNot Known
Marital StatusDivorce
Wife/Spouse NameKim Zolciak-Biermann
DaughterAriana Biermann
Highest DegreeGraduated
CollegeNot Known
HeightNot Known
WeightNot Known
Body MeasurementNot Known
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Official WebsiteNot Known

Daniel Toce Wife

Who is Daniel Toce?

Sadly, there is no information available on the internet about his Daniel Toce career and education. His life is totally a mystery. However, we have little information about his date of birth date and place. From some authentic sources, we can say that we’ve also some accurate information about his education and career. He is a high school graduate child.

Apart from all these factors, Daniel Toce is a felon who has been sentenced to jail. He was reported as a master felon in 2011 while he was captured by the police for sexual assault and having sexual contact with a minor.

People said that he was a mentally sick person when news came out that he is in an illicit affair with one of his stepdaughters, who was just 14 years old. He repeatedly had sex with his little daughter until she got pregnant. When Toce knows that his stepdaughter is pregnant, he slapped, punched, kicked, and forced her to get an abortion. Unfortunately, that 14 year’s old little girl got an abortion.  However, Daniel Toce’s age is still a mystery.

Later on, the stepdaughter went to the police station and reported this illegal relationship. Daniel was sent to prison in June 2011, when he was found guilty of this crime.

Toce Family

He had 3 marital relationships; one of his wives is Kim Zolciak-Biermann. His first marriage was with a lady named ‘Kimberly.’ There are no more details on the internet about their relationship. However, we know that they have two children from their marriage. After getting a divorce from Kimberly, Daniel married Zolciak-Biermann. Many people said that the end of Kimberly and Daniel’s first marriage is because of an external affair.

Toce and Biermann got married on 24th September 2001 on the beach of the Destin-Florida. After appearing in a reality show, both of them started getting attention and fame from the public. During their relationship from 2000-2003, they became the parents of a baby girl named ‘Ariana’ born on the 17th of October 2001. They had officially separated on 11th February 2003.

Daniel Toce Daughter

Now, this is the third time that Daniel Toce gave another try at marriage and got married to a young lady named Maryn.’ Daniel went right, and this marriage was the longest marriage of his life. This couple’s relation went on almost 7 years before the marriage officially ended.  Daniel didn’t disclose more information in public about his third marriage. No one knows that he has children or not from his third wife.

However, Daniel becomes the terrible father of the century for his family. He became wild for his family. Furthermore, there was a rumour that Daniel Toce’s father was a rich man whose net worth was billions of dollars. But it has not been confirmed; maybe it’s just a rumour.

Daniel Toce Net Worth

Throughout, the details about his career and profession are still missing. Moreover, Zolciak-Ex-Husband Daniel Toce has a net worth of $1.5 million. His main income source is still unknown, but bear in mind that he is the American TV host’s former husband. Most of the people said that most of the net worth is part of alimony which he got from Kim Zolciak.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Ex-Husband Daniel Sexual Assault Case

In 2011, Toce was arrested for having illegal sexual contact with children and sexually torturing a minor, and he was sent to jail. He was found guilty of having illegal sex relation with a child girl who was just 15 years old. That child was no one else but Daniel Toce’s daughter.

Daniel Toce Sexual Assault Case

It was not the first case on him; Toce was also arrested in a prosecution case in 2010. But this time, he was reported as engaged in sexual contact with his relative, which was reported by his loved ones. One of the Toce family members gives all the horrible details to the police about this incidence between Toce and his stepdaughter. The authorities went to the victim and investigated the case, but the authorities stopped doing anything when the victim written statement comes out.  Some sources said that he had sex with his stepdaughter more than 80 times.

How Daniel Punished?

But after some time, the victim went back to the authorities and withdrew her previous written statement. She said that she was lied to before because her life was dangerous. She stated that she was terrified if she told the authorities that Daniel would hurt her. The victim told authorities that their sexual connection was started when Toce kissed her on the campsite. From there on, they started having sex. Moreover, in her statement, she writes that in 2010, Daniel Toce forced her to an abortion when she was in the 5th month of her pregnancy.

The victim stated that she agreed to an abortion because she could not bear the pain. She told me that she watched Toce had drugs and cocaine. Daniel has also beaten her, abused, slapped, and kicked her. She writes in her statement that she wants justice for what Toce did with her sexually and mentally. In June 2011, he was sent to jail, and in August, he was registered as a sex offender. The court ordered the authorities to take him for abuse counselling, sexual crime counselling, mental health counselling, and anger management courses. Actually, this downfall of Daniel Toce’s life starts when Zolciak leaves him.

Daniel Toce Wife Kim Zolciak

We can see that he was sent to jail for sexually assaulting a child girl who was sadly from his loved ones. The court not just gives him punishment but also orders him to attend counselling classes. When Zolciak knows about this incident, she broke all the ties with Daniel and lives separately with her daughter Brielle. Since then, Daniel has felt ashamed for what he had done in his life. He never placed a single photo on her social media accounts. Most of his pictures are before this incidence.

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