GOLDMEDALIST Releases Statement About Kim Sae Ron’s Compensation for Damage Due to Drunk Driving Accidents

Kim Sae Ron’s agency GOLDMEDALIST has reportedly commented on the compensation for damages related to the drunk driving accident.

Release official statement.

On May 23, the agency Kim Sae Ron GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment released a brief statement regarding compensation for damages caused by the actress’ DUI (driving under the influence) incident.

A representative from the agency stated, “Kim Sae Ron has decided to be personally responsible for the damage caused by the accident.” They continued, “The prices currently listed in the news article are estimates we received from Korea Electric Power Corporation immediately after the accident. The actual amount is currently being finalized by the insurance company. Regarding compensation, we collect cases not only from Korea Electric Power Corporation but also from those who suffered losses.”

They added, “We once again apologize to those who have suffered losses. We will do our best so that the compensation for the damage can come to fruition.”

Damage from accidents done by GOLDMEDALIST.

About 50 places including four nearby buildings, traffic lights and street lights lost power as a result of the accident, which involved a car hitting an electric transformer. Nearby businesses were unable to operate for four hours to install a new transformer.

Previously, on the morning of May 18, Kim Sae Ron was indicted for drunk driving, and her agency shared statement short in response. The next day, Kim Sae Ron convey apology through his agency and withdrew from the upcoming SBS drama ‘Trolley’.

That actress too post handwritten apology on his Instagram. On May 23, his upcoming Netflix drama ‘Hunting Dogs’ too comment that Kim Sae Ron has stopped filming for the drama but will not abandon the cast.

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