“God unites our hearts to Heaven.” – Neldia Sunrose

Nilidia Snrose scribbles for her husband, Muhammad. Hafez Halimi when he was in the Holy Land made an impact on fans. Unfortunately, Nelidia is very honest to her beloved husband!!

Recently, beautiful actress Neldia Sunrose shared an expression of gratitude when she had the opportunity to perform Hajj this year. Nilidia, who shared the good news via her Instagram account, also reported that the performance of worship was accompanied by her husband, Muhammad. Hafez Halimi.

in Spread In the same way, Nelidia humbly apologizes to everyone who knows her and asks for people’s prayers to facilitate her journey and affairs from the Hajj.

Recently, Nelidia uploaded a special sketch of her beloved husband. After the speech, Nelidia described Hafez as her best husband and was grateful to be blessed with a husband like Hafez.

At the same time, Nilidia also expressed her gratitude for the privilege of performing Hajj this year. So far, Nelydia’s post has received hundreds of comments and tens of thousands of likes since it was uploaded to Instagram.

Read the post below:

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In the comments section, fans also prayed that Neldia and her husband continue to be happy together. Among the interesting comments are the following:

They said, “Very sweet, beautiful.” Rizki Neal gets a husband who can guide her to the path of good. We hope the integrity continues. May you soon be blessed with beautiful and pious eyes. Trustworthy.. “

“May God have mercy on him, help him with health, increase faith, stability in covering one’s faults, and happiness in this world for both of you, until Jannatul Firdaws, Amen, Lord of the Faithful.”

Thank God happy for you. May Nelly and her husband go to Heaven, Amen..”

“Unfortunately the pilgrims are the worst. Indigo’s words to her husband are really sweet. May you continue to be happy until the end of hay4t..”

“Feeling very happy and proud of Nely. I always pray to be consistent and to continue my acting activity with new works in the future..”

“Amen, I hope Nellie continues to hold out. Indigo is really beautiful when she wears a long veil, it’s so nice to see..”

“It’s rare to see Nellie as sweet as this, haha. Thank God I was happy to see Nellie happy with her husband..”

Wow, Nelidia’s words are full of meaning for her beloved husband. Anyway, we wish the couple the best. We hope that Nelly and Hafez’s marriage will continue to be happy until heaven, God willing.

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