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Go Down Directly Distribute Helmets to Riders, Riau Police Chief Inspector General Iqbal: For Safety, Love Children

KARIMUNTODAY.COM, PEKANBARU – Operation Zebra Lancang Kuning 2022, entered its second day of implementation, on Tuesday (4/10/2022).

Operation Zebra Lancang Kuning 2022 has started since Monday (3/10/2022) yesterday and will last until October 16, 2022.

As promised, the Riau Police Chief, Inspector General Pol Mohammad Iqbal, had the opportunity to go directly to the road to greet the motorists.

Inspector General Iqbal accompanied by the Head of Public Relations of the Riau Police Kombes Pol Sunarto and the ranks of the Traffic Directorate (Ditlantas) of the Riau Police, greeted the people who passed by the Jalan Jenderal Sudirman area, precisely in front of the Gurindam 1 Traffic Post.

The two-star police general was seen wearing a bright green Polantas vest.

Inspector General Iqbal greeted a number of passersby in a friendly manner. The former NTB Regional Police Chief also gave and put on helmets, especially to children sitting on the back.

When he took to the road, Inspector General Iqbal also found a motorcycle rider who had a flat tire. Meanwhile, the driver had to take his son to school.

As explained by Inspector General Iqbal, he deliberately went down to monitor the traffic flow situation during rush hour, between 05.30 WIB and 08.00 WIB.

“I think this is the real situation and condition, where the hours from 05.30 to 08.00 are rush hour. Also prone to traffic jams, prone to accidents too. It is even vulnerable to security, prone to security disturbances,” said Inspector General Iqbal when interviewed at the location.

The Riau Police Chief continued, regarding the anticipation of the vulnerability, his party has prepared a team that goes to the field. Polantas have been on standby at the location since dawn.

“Our team at 5 o’clock had to leave the house to carry out their noble duties, standing up, and plotting at the road nodes that we have mapped where the potential vulnerabilities I mentioned earlier,” explained the former Head of the Police Public Relations Division.

Therefore, Inspector General Iqbal said, in the momentum of the 2022 Lancang Kuning Operation Zebra, he ordered all ranks to take to the streets.

The aim is, firstly, to greet the community, as well as to show that the police in the Riau Regional Police are ready to protect, serve, and protect the community.

This is especially true during rush hour, which is full of traffic and community activities.

“At this rush hour, we have to make sure that the entire community, especially road users, does not have any security disturbances. The police will be ready to help.

“As there was an example earlier, there was a mother who suddenly had a flat tire. I ordered the Head of Traffic to fix the motorbike, and the child was taken in a patrol car. It is a symbol of service to the community. And other things,” said the 1991 Police Academy graduate.

“Earlier, I also distributed helmets to all riders who were carrying their children without helmets, there were too many. If we look at the percentage, almost 40 percent of motorcycle users in Pekanbaru who bring their children between schools do not wear helmets. Love the children, we are the ones who are safe,” added Inspector General Iqbal.

For this reason, Inspector General Iqbal explained, regarding this condition he also paid special attention. Police officers have been asked to distribute free helmets during this Zebra Operation.

At the same time, officers are directed to provide socialization and education, so that the safety of the children who are being ridden must also be protected.

“That the child is not a shield, yes, I saw his parents wearing helmets, or his siblings wearing helmets, the children in front did not wear helmets, some in the back. Therefore, I order to appeal to the public so that all road users reach their destination safely,” he explained.

Inspector General Iqbal stated that the Zebra operation has the aim of reducing the number of accidents, traffic violations, including breaking down congestion.

The approach taken to the community must prioritize humanist, educative, and persuasive aspects.

“Therefore, the Kapolda also has to step down, so he can be an example. If the Kapolda has stepped down, I hope he will be obliged to come down to greet the community. To note, after the 16th will not stop here. So the Kapolda, together with all PJUs, the Head of the Resort Police who used to hold an assembly, at least Monday must take to the streets,” he said.

“Because Monday we know that the peak hours are extraordinary, the holiday after the weekend is a weekday. Monday morning and Friday afternoon we will go down. We will evaluate. That the symbol, the spirit is that we want to get closer to the community. That the police are honor and glory, people can feel that the police can protect them well,” he concluded.

There are at least 7 targets for Operation Zebra Lancang Kuning 2022.

These include not wearing SNI helmets and seat belts, using cellphones while driving, riding in a ride with more than 1 person, underage riders, exceeding the speed limit, driving under the influence of alcohol, going against the flow, and other visible violations.

Approaching the day of implementation, previously officers had intensively carried out socialization of the 2022 Lancang Kuning Zebra operation.

Officers came to crowded points. Officers used banners and brochures to remind the public about the 2022 Lancang Kuning Operation Zebra.


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