Giulia De Lellis in a summer skirt! Everyone wants to copy it!

Giulia De Lellis in a summer skirt, versatile and trendy! Do you want to know how to wear it in your summer look? Here is the license plate style guide CheDonna who will show you how to make a top outfit with a skirt right now!

In summer, our wardrobe is full of swimwear, swimwear covers, beach towels, beach bags and more! But sometimes we fall into total confusion and we never know how to choose the right clothes for us! Starting today will change why A trend has arrived on social media that you will fall in love with!

Su Canva Kol Collage

In summer it’s always the same thing: we outfit ourselves with all the hottest trends of the season, we browse through fashion magazines and social media just to find the most innovative looks, but in the end the sweltering heat hit us and we decided to wear the most comfortable and lightest outfits ever. our wardrobe without thinking about fashion!

Big mistake! Because A true fashion lover should never put his fashion style aside, without any reason!

Today in this license plate style guide CheDonna we will talk about cspecial apo that will revolutionize our summer! Which? Skirt!

But not just any skirt. The one worn by Giulia De Lellis!

Let’s get to the heart of this guide…

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