Get to know more about the ESDM Care Application What is it?

seotrends.idGet to know more about the ESDM Care Application What is it? Regarding this latest application, there are still many people who do not know more about the ESDM care application.

Because with this ESDM care application. There are so many conveniences that you can try in it, therefore I will recommend it specifically for those of you who don’t know it in depth.

The directorate has been in charge of developing the electricity business of the ministry of energy and resources. ESDM has developed an innovation regarding complaints regarding the electricity subsidy membership care.

In order to ensure participation in electricity subsidies that are right on target for customers, especially for households. So this innovation has made it easier for the public to make complaints.

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Until the community will immediately receive the right to electricity subsidies that they actually get. The complaint has been submitted through the village and sub-district offices and continues to the sub-district so that it is easy to input in an application.

It has been entered in a caring application through the official site Also after that, complaints can be made directly using the car application and via smartphones.

Understanding of the Energy and Mineral Resources Care Application

The positive impact of this policy is around 18 million. So the recipients of electricity subsidies are also reduced, so this policy the government is trying to save on budget and electricity subsidies.

To divert it has built infrastructure for the provision of electricity. With this policy issue, customers of 900 volt amperes are subsidized and initially around 22 million, only 3 million are entitled to receive subsidies.

Then around 18 million have received subsidies and have not received subsidies,” said Eri. In development, the use of an application cares and involves several agencies.

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These include the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture.

For the national team for the acceleration of poverty alleviation, the state electricity company is also a national team. So the acceleration of poverty alleviation, as well as the state electricity company and at the same time as the team that monitors the complaint.

esdm care app In this regard, it has also been able to evaluate complaints quickly and accurately and can provide information monitoring with complete.

More fully that has been described since. January 2017 to June 26, 2020 and there are 318,684 complaints that have entered both on the official site or mobile applications.

For this care application, it has considerable potential to be applied with ministries and agencies. So have a type of social program, such as the national social program for families of hope.

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Such as health insurance, Indonesian cards or social programs that have been implemented by local governments and have used guided data.

For the energy sector, the application can already be implemented and if there is a subsidy policy Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) three kilograms.

It is also right on target as well as for requests for subsidies regarding the installation of new electricity for the poor who cannot afford it.

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