Get to know Microsoft Excel and the LookUp Functions Used

Microsoft Excel is the most frequently used application on a laptop or computer. Besides Excel, of course, there is Microsoft Word as a place for us to type a document.

This time we will discuss about Microsoft Excel and the most widely used LookUp function. Although this application is mandatory on every laptop or PC, unfortunately not many people know in full how to use it.

Even though the Microsoft Excel application itself has very many and important functions, especially to help the administrative process to accounting.

There are so many functions in this application, it takes a long time to learn it. But if you are able to fully master it, then rest assured companies will queue up to get your services.

Understanding Microsoft Excel

This application is already quite familiar among us. We ourselves would have been able to define simply about this application.

Microsoft Excel is an application that is used to process numerical data and calculate it. And the process uses assisted formulas on spreadsheet sheets.

The spreadsheet itself is different from the Microsoft Word sheet. In Microsoft Excel the sheet consists of rows and columns.

Later rows and columns can be used to calculate anything accurately, and of course using certain formulas that are available. And maybe you can explore yourself to create formulas for certain calculations.

Interestingly, the results of the processed data that you work on can later be displayed in various views such as graphs, diagrams or tables.

Benefits of Microsoft Excel Application

If you are a worker in the field of administration, accounting or anything related to data collection and so on, then the Microsoft Excel application is really needed.

You can read the data to compute it computerized so that it is faster and more accurate. In this application there are quite a number of functions that you can explore, including:

  • You can calculate data sets by multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and various other operations.
  • Make financial reports more accurate and clear.
  • You can search the highest to lowest values ​​from a data set, sorting them from lowest to highest and vice versa with one click.
  • Find the average value quickly.
  • Create a list of values.
  • Reports can be presented in the form of graphs, tables, diagrams and so on.
  • And there are many more functions of this office application.

LOOKUP Function Formulas Used by Microsoft Excel

There are many formulas in this application, of course you need to study specifically if you want to master all the formulas and features. But there are at least 13 main formulas that we usually use, including:

1. SUM

SUM is a formula for adding up the numbers in the data, as well as for adding up totals. The way to write it is =SUM(first cell:last cell).


The Microsoft Excel Average formula is used to calculate the average. The way it is written is =AVERAGE(first cell:last cell).

3. IF

Its function is to show the truth value of a set. The way to write it is =IF(the value you want to find;[jika nilai sesuai maka X];[jika nilai tidak sesuai maka Y].

4. MAX

MAX is used to indicate the largest value in a data. How to write =MAX(first cell:last cell).

5. MIN

Is the opposite of MAX which is to display the smallest value from the data set. How to write =MIN(first cell:last cell).


Used to count the number of values ​​in a cell. How to write =COUNT(first cell:last cell).

7. MATCH Pada Microsoft Excel

Used to find the placement of a particular value found on a cell of a data set. How to write it = MATCH (lookup_value: lookup_array;[match_type]).


How to quickly search for letters or text in a cell. How to write =FIND(find_text, within_text, [start_num]).


It is used to show the time, hour, date and year. How to write =DATE(year;month;date).


Its function is to show a value at a certain index or order. The way it is written is =CHOOSE(index_num;[nilai1];[nilai2]; …).


Serves to display values ​​sourced from a vertical formatted table. How to write =VLOOKUP(data you want to find the value, range of values ​​from cells in the reference table, column number from the reference table, TRUE/FALSE).


It’s the same as VLOOKUP, except that it’s for a horizontal table, how to write =HLOOKUP(data you want to find the value for, range of values ​​from cells in the reference table, column number from the reference table, TRUE/FALSE).

Microsoft Excel Conclusion

That’s the meaning of Microsoft Excel and the most frequently used LOOKUP function. No need to master many applications on your computer, just this application and it will be easy for you to get a job or create your own work.

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