Get Rid of TikTok Account Warnings, Here’s How! – Remove TikTok Account Warning, Here’s How! – Sometimes when surfing on social media, users forget that there are rules that must be met. Usually, if the rules that have been set are violated, a notification or notification will appear warning the user.

Well, this also happens to tiktok accounts. Where there are several tiktok users who get warnings for committing violations so they are looking for ways to remove the tiktok account warning.

Well, even though users are given the freedom to access various content or share their content on social media, especially TikTok. However, there are some terms and conditions that all users must follow, including if they don’t want their access to be restricted or blocked by tiktok.

Well, for example, the regulation is not allowed to upload or access violence and pornography, and so on. So, if you are one of them who gets a warning on a tiktok account it will usually disappear over time but there are some users who get a notification or warning on a tiktok account that doesn’t disappear for a long time.

This time, Mimin will summarize and explain a tutorial on how to easily remove TikTok account warnings so that you don’t feel uncomfortable seeing the warning anymore. Come on, look at the information below carefully.

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Causes of TikTok Account Alerts Appearing

How to Remove TikTok Account Alert

Before you know how, you must first know what is the cause of this problem on your account. As previously explained, this happened because it was considered a violation of community guidelines. So, as one of the widely used social media, of course there are guidelines that you must obey.

Well, if you are deemed to have violated then you will get a warning. As follows.

  • Well, later you will get the first warning if it is considered to have violated community rules.
  • And if the violation you commit is considered more severe than TikTok’s side, your device will also be blocked until you can’t create a new TikTok account anymore.
  • You will also get temporary restrictions if you get the first warning. Which usually will occur within a span of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Then, your account will be limited within 72 hours to a maximum of a week and cannot upload or interact with other users. Where you can only browse content on your homepage as long as your account is limited.
  • Permanent blocking will occur if your account is alleged to have violated successively. If TikTok feels that you have seriously violated the community rules, then you can no longer restore the account.
  • You can check out the community guide to find out what not to post. Especially about the sexual abuse of children. This is one of the most frequently banned types of content by TikTok.
  • Lastly, your blocking records will be deleted over time.

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How to Overcome TikTok Account Warning

Curious about how you can remove TikTok account alerts? For those of you who get this warning, you should know an effective way to deal with it. So, actually you can appeal or re-question why your account was blocked.

If you feel your account is fine and you don’t post any violating content. So, you can do the following method.

  1. The first step is to open the TikTok application, and log in to the account that was given a TikTok warning.
  2. Then tap the Profile menu, then press the three lines button in the top right corner.
  3. After that, select the Settings and privacy menu, then scroll down and select Report a Problem.
  4. Now, in the Topics section, you can select the Account and Profile menu and click Profile Page.
  5. Next, press the More menu, then you can click the Need more help menu.
  6. In the column, you can write down the problem you are experiencing, and ask TikTok to remove the warning from your account.
  7. But, don’t forget to add your username in the yes column.
  8. Next, upload a screenshot of the warning that appears on your TikTok account.
  9. Finally, click the Report button and wait for the TikTok Support Team to resolve your issue.
  10. Done, good luck.

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Thus the explanation above, hopefully with this review can be useful and add insight to all of you.

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