“Get Ready Beautiful, Ready to Pose Again in Front of Mom and Dad ..” – Tokti Wants to Cry Send Aafiyah the First Day to School! – Comedy Media

This mother’s heart is soft. Anything related to children will definitely feel emotional. Moreover, when the child has gone to school, surely the mother becomes the first person who is not happy to sit on the deck because she is thinking about various things at school.

That is what the country’s No. 1 singer is feeling now, who else but Dato ‘Sri Siti Nurhaliza when today is the first day Aafiyah is admitted to preschool. This was shared by him on his Instagram page which told of the excitement and enthusiasm of his eldest son to go to school.

“Alhamdullillah, Today is Aafiyah’s first day of preschool .. Last night Aafiyah slept early, my father woke her up earlier, he said he wanted to go to school, he wasn’t cranky either ..

Get ready to be beautiful and ready to pose again in front of father & mother with school uniforms🤣. The spirit is right, she wants to go to school..subhanallah, until the school is in front of the classroom door, she continues to enter without looking back .. Mother’s father who called to say hello😉 .. mother I want to cry .. but hold on .. ”he shared.

In the same partnership, he who is more friendly with the call of Tokti had the opportunity to pray for the best for his son to be enlightened, given the fluency to seek knowledge and provide benefits to others.

“May Allah swt protect the mother’s child and Aafiyah to be a servant of Allah who is open -hearted, given the smoothness to study religion, the world of the hereafter and a servant who benefits other human beings .. aamin ya rabb ..” he wrote.

Reviewing in the comments room, some praised Aafiyah for not being cranky on the first day of school. In fact, some even prayed for the best for the little red -cheeked mother.

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