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GBWhatsapp iOS Theme Apk Latest Download 2022

Whatsapp is a chat app available on iOS and Android. Probably the same impression. But according to many people, Whatsapp iOS and Android have differences. That’s why many Android users want their WA to be like iOS.

If you use original WA, it is definitely not possible. That’s why they need a mod. One of the mods that offers a WA look like on iOS is GBWhatsapp iOS. This mod is able to respond to the wishes of Android users.

GBWhatsapp iOS Review

If you use mod apps often, you must be very familiar with GBWhatsapp. GBWA is a mod that offers many advantages. Starting from offering a variety of themes and many other features.

In this article, we will specifically discuss the GBWA iOS mod. Where by using this mod you can make WA look on your android like WA mod iOS. Why is it so important?

As stated above, Android users want their WA to look the same as it does on iOS. Because on iOS it looks more elegant and even according to many it is more efficient. Both in memory usage and interface.

Fortunately, iOS-style GBWA has this capability. For your information, this GBWA was made by SAM mod who purposely engineered the WA so that the size was smaller, lighter, but still had many interesting features.

Apart from being able to make your WA look like iOS, you will also get many other features that make this mod even more it’s worth it to try Such as the ability to change themes, schedule messages, etc.

Difference between GBWhatsapp iOS and Ori

Difference between GBWhatsapp iOS and Ori
The theme cannot be changed. May change the subject.
Cannot view deleted messages. Can see messages that have been deleted.
There are not many topics. There are many themes available.
It can only change BACKGROUND alone. can change color fontand so on.
Large size videos cannot be sent. It can send video up to HD type.
The name of the restricted group. Group name up to 35 characters.
Using only 1 account. Can use 2 accounts at the same time.
Online status cannot be hidden. Online status can be hidden.
Unable to reply to automated messages. Can reply to messages automatically even though it’s not WA Bisnis.

Features of GBWhatsapp iOS

1. On a new basis

On a new basis

The first feature that GBWA has with this iOS model is grounded The last WA. That is, the modification of this mod uses the latest version of WA. So it will look very similar to WA in the latest iOS version.

In addition, this latest update has fixed many bugs and errors that previously occurred in WA or in previous applications. Moreover, because it is based on the latest WA, some of the latest features belonging to the original WA are also owned by this mod.

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2. Delete Chat

delete chat

This means, you can still see conversations that have been deleted. You must be very annoyed if you have a friend or loved one who chats but then deletes it before you have had time to read it?

If you use GBWA, you can predict this. This feature is also known as feature Anti Revoke. So you can still read messages that have been deleted. Even when the message is deleted, you can still receive notifications from the message.

3. Selection of Chat

Chat selection

Are you quite uncomfortable with multiple chats on your WA? A conversation from an era that somehow got moved down and you forgot to delete it? In Whatsapp you have to delete the conversations one by one.

Meanwhile, if you use GBWA, the selection process will be easier. You can press and hold so that it will then automatically select and stay in twist then choose which conversation is not important. After that, just click delete.

4. Changing and setting the theme

Change and set the theme

You should know that these iOS-style GBWAs are two different files. So there are GBWA and iOS themes. You must download both. But beyond that, if you can with the iOS theme, you can change it.

Not only changing, when you are bored with the iOS theme but don’t want to change, then you can customize the theme. You can change the color, change the font shape, change the language, etc.

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5. Many languages

Many languages

Actually, you can only use Indonesian or English. But, it is possible for you to use this mod in another language, right? GBWA provides this.

So you can choose the language used in this mod. You can choose Spanish, Italian, Indian, Portuguese and many other languages. An interesting way to learn a foreign language, isn’t it?

6. Can send messages automatically.

Can send messages automatically.

This feature is solely owned by WA Business. The original regular WA doesn’t have it. This makes you have two WA apps. It can make your Android slow down quickly.

But if you use GBWA, you only need to use one app and it can be used to send messages automatically.

7. Scheduling of sending messages

Scheduling of sending messages

You then have the option to schedule messages. So this feature can really help you when you need to text your girlfriend every morning or for work needs you need to text regularly.

8. Sending multiple images

Sending multiple images

In total there are 100 images that can be sent instantly by this mod. So if you want to share a lot of photos with your friends, you don’t have to wait for 30 photos to be sent. Just send 100 pictures. But prepare an internet connection, yes!

How to download GBWhatsapp iOS

How to download GBWhatsapp iOS
Application name GB Whatsapp iOS
Version 6.55
PRICE free
File size 27 MB

Download link;

How to install GBWhatsapp iOS on smartphone

How to install GBWhatsapp iOS on smartphone

Once you have the app GBWhatsapp iOS, then you are already one step into the installation process. But before installing on Android, please do these steps;

  • open Placing.
  • Log in Security.
  • Click Unknown source.
install english mod
English language settings
install indo mod
Indonesian language settings
  • Once you’ve done that, you can safely install the app. Why? Because the security system in cellular-mu is already open to all kinds of applications from different sources.
  • Now just open it File manager.
  • Then go to the folder Download.
  • After that, search for the file GBWhatsapp iOS and click.
  • Options will appear install under. Please click.
  • The installation process will run automatically and you just have to wait until the process is complete.

One of the keys to success in installing this mod is an open security system. Remember, this mod is not from the Play Store and is not officially released by WA. So the system can be considered a threat.

If it is considered a threat, it means that it is considered a virus and the installation process will probably fail. So is this mod safe? No one has complained about the GBWA iOS mod security system yet. So you can be sure it is safe. Although you still have to be careful yes!

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