GB WhatsApp Pro APK link [WA GB] Latest Download 2022

WhatsApp ranks first as the most popular communication media today, with this popularity, third parties have created WA mods like GB WhatsApp.

Modified WhatsApp brings convenience and best features just created to improve the original version of WA. Because as a WA user, you definitely feel the limitations of the official app.

By using WA Mod you will not feel the limitations of the previous features, because you can take advantage of the latest features that you will not find in the original WA.

For those of you who are still confused and hesitant to use modded WA, let’s see the full review below.

Keep in mind that we will explain to you our original WA GB review, and what features you can use on how to install the app easily. Without further ado, let’s talk!

Get to know GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a third-party modified application that aims to update previously better features such as the ability to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

All these advancements in features are being implemented to satisfy and facilitate the communication activities of its users to be more loyal to WA Mod APK.

As we know this app is used by different circles, even elementary school kids have used WA to facilitate online teaching and learning activities.

Especially for adults, WhatsApp can be a place to send files or light work data like photos and videos. Well, if you have restrictions in the official app when sending files, you will not find this on GB WhatsApp.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to each Mod application, so it is hoped that you know in advance the features on offer so that you can make good use of them. Check out the features review below!

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What are the special features of GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

Download gb whatsapp pro apk

The important thing that you should know before you decide to download the app is to know the excellent features that it offers.

This is done so that you can see if the app is right for your needs.

Here we will explain the excellent features that you can use for free with no limits, below:

Unlimited theme options

The main feature that you can use from GB WhatsApp is the unlimited selection of themes i.e. you can apply different types of themes options provided.

This is definitely different from the official WA because it only provides two types of themes, dark and light. If you only use these two themes, WA users are sure to get bored of the same look.

In this way, the developer creates features such as providing various kinds of unlimited themes like animations, animations and many other features that you can apply.

Message status can be hidden

As you know that in the official WA app you can easily hide the status of sent or received messages, such as:

  • Verify the person indicates that the recipient of the message is not active in WA.
  • Enable the two gray boxes, i.e. the message was sent successfully, but the recipient did not read it.
  • Two blue ticks indicate that the recipient has read the received message.

This is different from GB WhatsApp Mod APK, you can activate all the above features, so that other WA users can’t see your activity even though you are active or online.

Send large files

One excellent feature that is very useful for WA users is that you can send large files without the file limit.

This way you can take advantage of this feature to make it easier to send work or school files. You can send files up to 100MB in size without reducing the file quality, such as photos or videos.

Story WA can be downloaded easily

The next no less interesting feature is that you can easily download the stories uploaded by your friends with whom you communicate.

You can click the download icon at the bottom of the list, so the story will be saved in your mobile gallery. This is very useful especially for spreading chain letters or promoting merchandise online.

You don’t need to check logs or rewrite messages sent via status like it did in official WA, how much do you care, right?

There is a GB WA app password feature

On WhatsApp GB, you can block messages or apps using the password you created earlier. This way, your secret messages and chats will not spread easily.

The reason is that this feature is only available in the mod version and not in the original version of WhatsApp. Even strangers who don’t know your password won’t know your message or your chat room.


You must know that the mod is an unofficial app created by the developer and is threatened with ban if it does not have a strong security system.

To get around this, expect this modified GB WhatsApp by offering the anti-blocking feature that you can activate first.

This is intended to be used to ensure that you maintain the security of your account when using the GB WhatsApp application.

GB WhatsApp

For those who can’t wait to download the GB WA app, we will provide the download link below. The reason is that you will not find the Mod app in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

So be sure to download via the link we provide, and first pay attention to the specifications of this application:

App name GB WhatsApp
APK file size 44.3 m
Issuance Version 16.30 (latest version)
The operating system Android 4.0 and above
Number of active users 100,000,000+

You can click on the download link here to be able to start the download process automatically. Make sure your smartphone is connected to a stable internet connection so that there are no problems during the download process.

How to install Safe GB WhatsApp app?

GB WhatsApp

After you have successfully downloaded the app via the download link above, you have to install it manually. This must be done in order for the features in it to function perfectly.

For those who are confused about how to install this guide, don’t worry. We will explain in detail to all of you the following:

  • Make sure you download the GB WhatsApp APK file perfectly.
  • Then open the Settings or Settings menu on your smartphone.
  • Next, tap on the Security or Privacy menu, activate the mode, and allow installation of apps through unknown sources or unknown sources.
  • If so, open the File Manager menu where you save the downloaded file.
  • Find the GB WhatsApp logo, then tap Install.
  • Wait for the installation process to run until it succeeds.
  • Done, you can launch the WA GB app.

Well, these are the easy steps that you can follow at home when you want to install the mod app perfectly.


This is our review of GB WhatsApp which you can use instead of the official WA which of course already has a strong security system. So you can be sure that your account will not be banned by the official body.

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We hope that the article we pass on was useful, do not miss article updates from us every day. See you again!

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