Garfield movies coming out in 2024

The Garfield animated movie will be back soon and can be watched in 2024. This cute cat cartoon has many fans around the world.

Production house The Columbia Pictures, in collaboration with Sony, has released the animation release date for the film. This film is directed by several famous actors from the West.

Chris Pratt for Voice Garfield

An animated cat movie with a comedy genre background that millennials love to Z.

In that same movie, Chris Pratt played the voice of the animated character.

Samuel L. Jackson will voice the dad of this cute cat character. The screenplay for this movie was written by David Reynolds and directed by Mark Dendal.

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This cat character was created by Jim Dacis in 1978. This cat itself is highlighted in orange.

This cat has become somewhat of a well-known character for always causing problems and being a super duper lazy cat.

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