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Game Earning Funds Without Ads Proven to Pay!

Of the many types of smartphone games, DANA balance generating game is one of the most hunted to date. Something that invites them to play, especially if the game can be played on a cellphone.

A little information, that the game has many variations of genres ranging from classics to games that demand high specifications.

The current view of 2022’s fastest cash balance generating game is no nonsense. Many prove it from several review on social networks.

Use of the DANA application as e-wallet popular nowadays affect its users. Moreover, many of the latest money-making games are very interesting to play as follows.

New!! Recommended Fastest Funding Balance Generator Game Without Inviting Friends 2022

Real money-making games circulating today are always a hot topic that should not be ignored. The reason is, games like this will always have updates with different mechanisms.

We certainly realize that direct money making games to DANA don’t always last long. Some are no longer able to make money, but some are still spelled out earnly.

So, here we will provide some recommendations for the latest and popular DANA Balance-Generating Games that are proven to pay off. You can try it on some of the lists below.

Neo Plus (Neobank)

Neo Plus is still in the lineup platform money maker with the type of deposit savings application online which went viral. Until now, this application is used by many people because of the ease of doing transactions.

You can not only make transfers or transactions, because you can make deposits for old age savings.

What makes the application very viral and earnly is that we can earn money only armed with a referral code like “RLHSN2“. Or you can use this link.

Apps Name NeoBank
Update Latest
Version 2.3.80
Size File 46MB
Developer Digital Banking Bank Neo Commerce
OS Requirement Android 4.4+

The Cash Miner

The Cash Miner makes money

The Cash Miner is included in the new game that many smartphone users are talking about because it can generate cash quickly.

Many say that this game can earn you Rp. 65,000 only once and can be withdrawn to your DANA balance.

The basis of this game, you only play games that will be awarded in the form of coins. You can exchange these coins into rupiah.

To register, you only need to use your Gmail account and play spin games to collect more coins in it.

If you want to make a withdrawal, select the PayPal logo and select DANA. Then, select the appropriate number of coins available and select Redeem Now.

Apps Name The Cash Miner
Update Latest
Version 1.0
Size File 11MB
Developer Deer entertain Du Chen
OS Requirement Android 4.4+

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Ants And Pizza

Ants And Pizza make money

You may have never heard of the game Ants and Pizza? The thing that you think of about this game must be the game of ants eating pizza.

This is a new game and we are sure it will go viral in the near future. Sure enough, this game offers rewards in the form of money just for completing the task at hand.

It’s not difficult to play this game because you only act as an army of ants who will eat pizza.

Each completed mission, you will get coins and diamonds. You can exchange these coins into real money.

Don’t panic if you don’t find the withdrawal menu at the beginning of the game. The menu will appear after you do upgrade.

To do upgradeyou have to press the “Upgrade Gift” button and complete 3 tasks (Bind account, lucky drawand open gift boxes).

Withdrawing coins into money can be through several e-wallet such as Paypal, Gcash and DANA.

Apps Name Ants And Pizza
Update Latest
Version 1.1.0
Size File 35MB
Developer Codee Studio
OS Requirement Android 6.0+

V1rus Blast

balance earning game

If you want to play the fastest DANA balance-generating game with a shooting genre, maybe you can try this one game.

This game tells the story of players who have to eradicate disease by shooting them.

You can get coins and shot bullet upgrades. Shoot until the shield of the character is destroyed, then the disease will explode.

There are many characters who will be your opponents in various forms. Your job is just to win and level up.

These points can be exchanged for DANA and Paypal balances. Don’t miss this very fun game.

Apps Name V1rus Blast
Update Latest
Version 1.0.7
Size File 40MB
Developer Flyrixsoft
OS Requirement Android 6.0+

Tiny Planet Blast

Tiny Planet Blast money making

Mobile games always provide unique games, one of which is Tiny Planet Blast. This is a money-making game that rewards players just by playing the game.

yes how to play it is very easy where you just destroy the planet in each mission by simply tapping the screen, then the planet will be destroyed.

After you get coins from some destroyed planets, they can be exchanged for money

This game is similar to the previous game, where the first time you play it there is no withdrawal menu or the withdrawal will appear when I have upgraded the gif.

to upgrade the gif you only do 3 tasks, namely bind Lucky draw account and Open gift box. After that, you can withdraw it to your DANA balance.

Apps Name Tiny Planet Blast
Update Latest
Version 1.0.9
Size File 49MB
Developer UBoxStudio
OS Requirement Android 6.0+

Crazy Worklife

Crazy Worklife money making

The uniqueness of money-making games does not stop there because there are other interesting games, namely crazy worklife with different game mechanics.

This game is very in line with the real world because to earn money we have to work crazier by completing all the tasks in order to make money.

there are several tasks that you can do in this game, namely registering, clicking the gift box and also playing the Spin Wheel game.

The way this game works is very simple where you just click the screen until the energy is fully charged and and you will get a gift box in the form of Gems, coins to items that can speed up the game.

if it’s enough to upgrade you can exchange the coins and Gems into real money on the available swiftlets such as DANA balances.

Apps Name Crazy Worklife
Update Latest
Version 1.1.0
Size File 29MB
Developer BoomSoft Studio
OS Requirement Android 6.0+

Idle Plants

Money-making Idle Plants

Games with Idle concepts are always unique, one of which is My Idle Plants. This is the only Idle game that can make money.

This game has been widely discussed because it is really considered to be able to pay its users by completing tasks.

Idle Plants is indeed very suitable for users who like plants because the task in this game is only required to grow plants.

However, we don’t know how long the game will make money. At least, we can still get money today.

You can continue to plant until the level of the plant increases and you will get additional coins. Use the first coin to upgrade to get more coins.

If you have collected enough coins, you can withdraw them into several types e-wallet such as DANA with a minimum limit of Rp. 5000.

Apps Name Idle Plants
Update Latest
Version 1.0.3
Size File 34MB
Developer Codee Studio
OS Requirement Android 6.0+

Light The House

Light The House money making

In our opinion, this is a very innovative game which presents a game that is quite different from the many mobile games that are present today.

As the name implies, you will be in touch with light and home. Your job is only to illuminate the house using lights. Every time you complete the game, you will be awarded with coins and diamonds.

No different from the previous game, you can withdraw into your DANA balance after the coins have been collected.

Apps Name Light The House
Update Latest
Version 1.0.3
Size File 27MB
Developer Pop Gamer
OS Requirement Android 6.0+

Tile Match Battle

Tile Match Battle money making

The concept of this game is similar to Mahjong, but the mechanics of the game are quite different.

You have to draw each box that has a different image. Arrange them to produce 3 identical images. If you win, you will get reward in the form of coins, tickets and trophies.

This game will be a very fun game and can accompany your spare time. This requirement is enough to make this game the best recommendation of the year.

We are sure, the game will make you forget that you have collected a lot of coins. After that, exchange the coins in the form of an e-wallet such as a DANA balance with a minimum of Rp. 5000 like the previous game.

Apps Name Tile Match Battle
Update Latest
Version 1.0.5
Size File 75MB
Developer Dolido Fun
OS Requirement Android 5.0+

Dig The Gemstone

Dig The Gemstone money making

Dig The Gemstone is like an Idle game that can be played for free and most importantly it can make money.

The concept of this game is that you will be a gem miner and your job is only to destroy the chunks by tapping the screen.

Of course, you will get coins and can be used to do upgrade like auto mining to earn more coins easily without tapping the screen.

If upgrade is full, the coins obtained can then be exchanged for money through several e-wallet such as Gcash, Paypal and DANA.

Apps Name Dig The Gemstone
Update Latest
Version 1.1.2
Size File 25MB
Developer Pop Gamer
OS Requirement Android 6.0+

Boom Battle

Money-making Boom Battle

Of the many games that we have presented, this is the game that generates more coins, namely Boom Battle.

If you look at some of the games above, you might think that the UI and the withdrawal system have something in common. True, the game has the same ecosystem.

Boom Battle is a game that became the forerunner of all games here. Therefore, it is not surprising that the prizes given are quite large.

In our opinion, this game is very popular and is still played today to make money.

When you first play the game, you will be reminded of one application that contains many games, namely Hago.

We are sure, you will not get bored playing it because there are many exciting games that can be played such as fruit ninja, tile match, knife hit and others.

The most important thing is that we can fight players online. This has become an absolute requirement for the fastest and best money-making games.

Apps Name Boom Battle
Update Latest
Version 1.1.4
Size File 76MB
Developer Brixsoft Studio
OS Requirement Android 5.0+

Some of the DANA balance-producing games above can be your reference to get more money, only armed with smartphone. Find more other interesting games only at completely.


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