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Twitter Case Viral Video

Kayes is a player and ambassador of the ONIC Esport brand and is currently popular. Kayes’ name and personality is popular on YouTube, social media, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

The player has the full name Kharisma Cahaya Putri but is better known as Onic Kayes.

Recently, Kayes’ viral video link was searched on social media apps including Twitter. This was in line with rumors of a viral video that looked like the player’s character.

To circulate a video that is said to be similar to it, Case also offers a clarification and a warning. This was conveyed by uploading the latest IG story to the @ewkharis Instagram account.

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Full Video Viral Kayes Tiktok

For those of you who are still not satisfied, below we have provided a video related to the ad so that we can address your curiosity.

This is the video we got from the sources from the internet today, if you want to watch the full video, just click on the link below!


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