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Fridge Lights On But Not Cold

Fridge Lights On But Not Cold – When the refrigerator is not cold, we start to wonder what is really going on. In addition, the refrigerator is an electronic cooling device that is used to store food ingredients.

No need to panic and rush to replace the refrigerator with a new one. When there is a problem with an electronic device that is not working properly, we need to find the cause.

Fridge Lights On But Not Cold

If the refrigerator is not cold, it does not mean there is a problem with the electronic components. Maybe we have completely misconfigured the refrigerator. Here are some reasons why the refrigerator is not cold.

Here are 9 Ways to Fix the Refrigerator Not Cold Anymore Easily

1. Make sure electronic devices are plugged into an electrical outlet. Also make sure that the electricity flow in the house remains stable so that the cooling compressor can work optimally.

2. First check if the refrigerator thermostat is set to the correct temperature or if it is on. If not, adjust the temperature of the thermostat in the refrigerator.

3. Also check the rubber gasket of the refrigerator door. Naturally, if the rubber attached to the door begins to loosen, the refrigerator door cannot be closed tightly. You can also see the indicator on the refrigerator when it is closed. If the answer is wrong, it could be that the refrigerator has started to break.

4. Check the spread in the refrigerator. Avoid filling the refrigerator with too much food, as cold air can block circulation in the refrigerator. Make sure you organize your lunch box and clean it regularly.

The Cause of the Refrigerator On Continuously

6. The evaporator can also be damaged if the refrigerator temperature is not low. You see, this one object serves to direct the freon that cools the refrigerator. The fix is ​​to replace the damaged component with a new one.

7. Avoid storing hot food too often. The heat of the food can lower the temperature in the refrigerator. This is what keeps the refrigerator from freezing. So, reduce the habit, yes.

If there’s a reason you haven’t checked the refrigerator cooler from this list, and the temperature in your fridge or freezer is still not cold, that’s a sign that you need to call a refrigerator repair professional.

If the fridge is hot, it may mean one part is not working properly. Well, here are some refrigerator components that often cause problems.

Come on, let’s know why the refrigerator is not cold but the light is on

The condenser coil is a cooling pipe in the form of an iron strip. As a rule, the tubes are joined in the form of an elongated U-shaped network.

If the condenser coil is clogged, the air circulation in the refrigerator is poor because it does not dissipate heat efficiently. This may be due to the accumulation of dirt and dust.

For that, twice a year we have to clean the condenser coil. The trick is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the condenser coil.

The next part of the refrigerator is the condenser fan, which cools the compressor and condenser coils while they are running. If it does not work properly, it causes the refrigerator components to heat up. In general, the components are located in the lower cabinet.

The cause of the refrigerator is not cold but the light is on

To repair a damaged part of the fan, first make sure the condenser fan rotates freely and is not blocked by debris. If you pass this test but the unit is not operating optimally, the condenser fan motor will need to be replaced.

After knowing the causes and components that make the refrigerator not cold, this time we have some tips for choosing the right refrigerator model for your home. that they

Included Usually this section is used to store fresh produce with medium capacity. The price of this model refrigerator is cheaper than other refrigerator models.

This refrigerator model is perfect for those of you who need space to store large quantities of frozen food. Here are some suggestions of products you can buy.

Repairing a 2 Door Refrigerator Not Cold Turns Out There Was a Leak By Bancin Chanel

This model refrigerator has a much larger size than the previous two types. However, unlike the previous two types, which have a top and bottom, this refrigerator model is divided into right and left sides.

Therefore, a 2-door refrigerator is more suitable for those of you who like to store fresh products in a short time. Here’s a recommendation for a 2-door refrigerator.

This refrigerator is almost like a 2 door refrigerator model. The difference is, the refrigerator is equipped with 4 doors. Side by Side refrigerator is the most complete version, because it has 2 parts

Cool again, you know, some of the latest refrigerator models are equipped with a dispenser. Due to all its features, this refrigerator is more expensive than other models.

How to Fix a Dead Fridge Light. Alone Can

Offering the best household appliances from well-known brands belonging to the Kawan Lama Group such as ACE, Informa, Selma and many more. Look here for cheaper prices on refrigerators.

6 differences between an induction cooker and a gas stove, which one is more economical? Sellia Oey – September 28, 2022 0Fridge Heating Function – Greetings friends, I hope we will be more successful and healthy during this pandemic. This time we will discuss the components of a 2-door refrigerator, namely defrost. We will discuss the definition of a heater, the function of the heater in a 2-door refrigerator, and how the heater works in a 2-door refrigerator.

Heater or hot defroster works to melt the ice in the evaporator by heating it. Components are a type of heating element whose heat source is a winding with a high electrical resistance value.

So that the cooler housing does not melt when the fuse is triggered, the vacuum is usually covered with a special glass and tightly closed. And also prevent the refrigerator from burning.

Vaccine Storage Standard

The 2-door refrigerator uses 2 types of heaters, namely a glass heater and an evaporator heater. Each refrigerator uses a different heater depending on the type of refrigerator. Some use glass heaters and some use evaporative heaters.

The glass heater is located at the bottom of the evaporator and the evaporator heater is connected to the evaporator. If the glass heater is damaged, it is likely that the glass screen will break, but if the heater evaporates, this should be measured with a multimeter.

When the compressor motor starts and the cooling process starts, there will be ice in the evaporator. After a while, the freezer compartment will cool down and the ice flower will get bigger and bigger and colder than the ice cubes.

Then, when the refrigerant temperature reaches the set temperature, the timer will cut off electricity to the compressor. Then turn on the electric current to the defrost heater to defrost.

1 or 2 door refrigerator components and their functions, complete with pictures

As mentioned above about how the heating cooler works, it’s supposed to melt the ice in the evaporator. If the heater is damaged, a lot of ice will accumulate in the evaporator, the ice can prevent the refrigerator from cooling and can damage the evaporator fan, even if the accumulated ice exceeds the fan.

To check the heater is to disassemble and remove it from the place located at the bottom of the evaporator.

After the heater is removed, measure with an ohmmeter or multimeter, if there is a disturbance, it means the heater is in normal condition.

In addition, my friend can also test it by connecting directly to 220V electricity, if the heater is still functioning it will release hot air, but if it doesn’t mean the heater is damaged.

Causes of Hot Refrigerator Compressor and How to Overcome It

Or it could be in a simpler and easier way, namely the way I will explain below.

The size of the glass heater on a 2-door refrigerator is usually about 10 or 11 inches or about 26. There are times when the refrigerator in the house stops working even though the light is still on. If you have this, you may be in trouble. You need to make sure that the food in the refrigerator stays fresh while you repair it. To prepare for this problem, you need to know how to make sure the refrigerator is not cold and the lights are on.

The refrigerator has become one of the equipment that must be in every home. With a refrigerator, food will last longer, so you don’t have to buy raw food every day. Therefore, it is important to take good care of the refrigerator so that it is durable and not easily damaged.

Even though it is well cared for, sometimes the refrigerator is also damaged, for example it is no longer cold. Surprisingly, the light stays on, so it’s not clear what caused the refrigerator to cool down. Here are the steps.

Tips for Choosing a Refrigerator Service

One of the causes of the refrigerator not cooling is the amount of ice that has accumulated in the refrigerator compartment. Ice that is too thick can block the ventilation openings, so cooling the refrigerator is no longer optimal.

To solve this problem, open the refrigerator door completely and place the fan in front of it. Let the fan defrost all the ice for about an hour. After thawing, clean to prevent further freezing. You need to do this cleaning regularly to keep the refrigerator working properly.

Another reason why the refrigerator does not cool even when the light is on is the door being tightly closed. Since it doesn’t close tightly, you will need to replace the rubber so that the refrigerator door can close properly and tightly. After replacing the rubber on the doors, the refrigerator should usually cool down and function properly again.

The refrigerator has a special system that can regulate the cooling and defrosting cycle. There are two important components in this system, namely:

Fridge Not Cold? Here are 7 Causes!

Refrigerators are usually damaged due to worn or damaged mechanisms. This damage can be detected by checking with a multimeter. If it turns out to be damaged, you will need to replace it so that the refrigerator will work again.

In the refrigerator, the compressor is also one of the most important components. If the compressor is damaged, the cooling process will also not run smoothly.

If the compressor is faulty, you can try to repair it yourself. First, drain the oil from the compressor using the suction pipe. Next, cut the compressor circle under the original weld. Be careful not to penetrate it, as this step is only done to expose the weld marks.

When open, pour in the oil a little at a time by pressing the arrow on the compressor. Restart the compressor when the oil runs out

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