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Government Recommended Free Online Learning Apps – Since the beginning of the epidemic, all activities have shifted to the Internet, including teaching and learning activities that make all educational activities modify learning activities through technological developments, for example through online platforms and applications. In fact, online learning apps existed before the pandemic, and you had to sign up first. Since the pandemic, online learning apps have emerged that can be used for free from the government or in cooperation with the government. This free online education app from government can be a reference for use while learning online:

Government Recommended Free Online Learning Apps

1. Study house Kemendikbud

Free Online Learning Apps

Learning House is the official online portal owned by the Ministry of Education and Culture which can be accessed via or downloaded from Playstore. Rumah Belajar app provides full features for free to teachers, students and general public. The first feature is Learning Resources, providing learning materials organized according to the curriculum with attractive presentations in the form of images, videos, animations and simulations.

Next is the digital classroom, which is used by teachers to provide learning materials and can be accessed by students via smartphones. There is a question bank feature which contains a set of questions and assessment materials grouped by topic. Next, the Virtual Lab feature contains hands-on simulations and includes worksheets for students.

2. Teacher’s room app

Ruang Guru cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide free educational facilities for teachers and students in the Ruang Guru app. To get free access, open Ruang Guru through and then select Ruang Guru. Go to the study room and sign in with your Google account.

This free property of Ruang Guru can be accessed by registered and subscribed users. Unfortunately, this feature can only be used from Monday to Friday at 08.00 – 12.00. Subjects in the teacher’s room are available from primary to secondary/equivalent levels according to the national curriculum.

3. Kuiper School

Free Online Learning Apps

Another app that works with the government is Quipper School. This application provides free features that can be used by both students and teachers. Quipper is designed with a classroom model where teachers can send materials to students via videos or practice questions. Teachers can create their own materials or use the materials in Quipper. Monitoring and evaluation of learning can be done directly on Quipper so teachers have no problem communicating with students.

4. Your school

The next free online learning app from the government is Sekolahmu, the first integrated and digitally integrated education app in Indonesia. The main feature of this app is TanyaMu which is used to ask teachers and professional teachers who are qualified in their fields to answer different questions.

Furthermore, the UjiMu feature is used to check if students are test ready and really understand the material being studied. There is also the KelasMu feature which is used as a way for teachers to collaborate on setting up programs for their students in their own classroom. Finally, the KarirMu feature is a place for students to explore their talents from an early age through an internship program to prepare for the world of work.

5. Free online learning app, Zenius

Free Online Learning Apps

Zenius has been around since 2004 and many have used it. Zenius unlocks free access to educational videos for school subjects. Materials from Zenius can be used to support lessons in school and also increase knowledge outside of school hours.

The videos in the app are available from primary and secondary school level using easy-to-understand language so that students understand the material better. In addition, Zenius also offers a selection of packages to focus more on private lessons, in particular helping to realize the dream of attending your favorite university through UTBK discussions.

More and more innovations are appearing in the field of education, so many free online learning applications from the government can be used. Thus, it is hoped that students will be able to fulfill their learning rights and understand the material being taught so that it will be useful for their future life.

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