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Free Indosat Voucher Code which is still active now 2021

One of the ways to top up credit and quota is by using a voucher. The use of vouchers is still quite effective because it can be used anytime and anywhere. The Indosat Ooredoo voucher is no exception. Then, is there a free Indosat voucher code that has not been used?

The need for internet quota is currently increasing. Especially for those of you who often use smartphones to fill spare time. For example, to access social media, streaming movies, and so on. Having a lot of data quota is a fun thing.

What is an Indosat Package Voucher?

This package voucher is one way to top up Indosat’s internet data package. So, users can buy a data package voucher and then get a 14-digit number by rubbing it. Later, the serial number must be entered into the smartphone.

If successfully entered, the user can already use the data package. In the past, vouchers might only be available in the form of regular credit. Over time, the vouchers have been adjusted to be filled with internet data packages.

Using package vouchers has its own advantages. Although basically there are many other methods to buy credit or data packages. For example, buying at minimarkets, m-banking, e-commerce applications, and many other ways.

Advantages of Using Indosat Package Vouchers


Even though it is an old method, using this package voucher is known to be more flexible to top-up. You can top up data packages or regular pulses anytime anywhere without having to connect to the internet.

The existence of vouchers will be very helpful when in many situations. Among them are when the user forgets to bring a smartphone and forgets the Indosat cellphone number that is used. You can save the voucher as stock and can be used at any time according to the stated validity period.

Not only that, this package voucher can also be used as a gift to relatives, friends, or used as a competition prize. Although the method of buying internet packages has been very developed, the existence of this voucher will still have its own function.

Any Tricks to Get Free Vouchers?

Is There-a-Trick-Getting-Free-Voucher

Not all users can afford to buy vouchers, which is quite a spend. This is what underlies the many users who are looking for free internet tricks. One of them is by exchanging an active Indosat voucher code.

There are several ways to get Indosat’s free quota. For example, using a VPN application, Prispon Pro, until what will be discussed this time is a free voucher. You can use a valid Indosat voucher code to enter.

On several occasions, Indosat Ooredoo also often holds promos containing free credit and quota. You can find it manually through the MyIM3 application which can be downloaded from the Playstore or Appstore.

Instead of bothering to look for voucher codes that are still active, you can try some unused codes. No need to worry, here we will discuss which Indosat voucher codes you can try.

Where to Get Indosat Package Vouchers?


For those who want to get a package voucher or Indosat credit, you can get it at the official counter or outlet. Currently, Indosat Ooredoo provides three types of data package vouchers that customers can purchase, namely:

  • Freedom Combo Package
  • Paket Freedom Unlimited
  • Paket Yellow

Charging with an Indosat voucher will increase the active period of the Indosat card you are using. This is adjusted to the data package purchased. For example, when you buy a voucher with a validity period of 30 days, the extension of the active period also increases by 30 days.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have an internet plan remaining and then activate the internet plan again, the following two things will happen.

If the internet package that is still active is smaller than the remaining main quota, it will be accumulated with the new data package.

If the number of internet packages that are still active is greater, then the entire previous quota will be replaced with the newly entered voucher package.

Free Indosat Voucher Code 2021

There’s nothing wrong with trying some Indosat voucher codes that are still valid in 2021. You can try it for free. In addition, the activation process is easy and uncomplicated. If you are used to entering vouchers, you will definitely have no trouble using them.

Users just select the Dial or Call menu, enter the following unused voucher codes.

1. Study Program Voucher Code


This voucher code includes quota for studying at home. With this quota, you can use various learning applications for free. For example Ruangguru, Google Classroom, Zenius, and so on.

Code: 152 850 339 752 48.

  • Free access to the learning portal site.
  • Free quota of 30 GB of study programs.
  • Active time 30 days.

2. Code 4 GB + 14 GB Unlimited


This code contains unlimited data plans of 4 GB and 14 GB. Not only that, this quota access can be used within 24 hours.

  • Code: 760 866 753 815 33
  • Kuota 4 GB (4G) & 14 GB (2G/3G/4G).
  • Unlimited 24 jam.
  • Active time for 30 days.

3. Toll Code 10,000 + Free Calls


This voucher code is perfect for those who like to call all day. In addition, there is still a free pulse of Rp. 10,000 for various purposes.

  • Code: 035 484 561 941 48.
  • Free Indosat credit for Rp. 10,000.
  • Free to call fellow operators.

4. Unlimited Social Media Codes


For those whose daily life cannot be separated from social media, you can take advantage of this voucher code. Not only that, its use is up to 24 hours.

  • code: 759 054 879 030 79.
  • 35 GB free quota.
  • Unlimited media sosial.
  • Access for 24 hours.

5. Credit Code Rp25,000 + Free SMS


This voucher code contains regular credit of IDR 25,000. In addition, users can also get free SMS.

  • Code: 427 362 613 981 38.
  • Free credit IDR 25,000.
  • Free SMS to all operators.

Trick Quota and Free Credit with USSD Code

Not only using the free voucher above, you can also try some of these dial codes to get quota and credit.

6. Whatsapp Code 12 Months


You can try this code to get a free WhatsApp quota for one year. In addition, there is still a regular quota of 4 GB.

  • Code: *123*100*2#
  • Free 12 months WhatsApp access.
  • Free calls and SMS.

7. 1 Year Free Internet Code


For those who want to get free internet for 1 year, please try the following USSD code.

  • Code: *900*2*3*3#
  • Free internet for 1 year.
  • Indosat starter pack.
  • Access for 24 hours.

8. Youtube & Instagram Code


You can try the following USSD code to get access to watch Youtube and Instagram social media.

  • Code: *400*8#
  • Youtube & Instagram free quota.
  • Akses full unlimited.
  • For all Indosat cards.

9. 1.5 GB Quota Code + Free Calls


For those who want to get 100 minutes of free calls and 1.5 GB quota, please try the following USSD code.

  • Code: *123*100*1#.
  • Indosat free quota 1.5 GB.
  • 100 minute call bonus.
  • Minimum credit Rp0.

10. Free Code Access Path


This USSD code can be tried for those of you who still often access Path’s social media.

  • Code: *990*250*2*2#
  • Free Path access.
  • Quota of 5 GB.
  • Indosat starter pack.
  • 24 hour access.

Some of the free Indosat voucher codes above can be tested whether they are valid or not. If it is still valid, you will get a notification containing information that the package has been successfully entered.

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