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Free Fire Space Spin Diamond Free 999999 & Newest FF Skin 2022

Free Fire Room – Recently, Garena Free Fire lovers and gamers are being shocked by the presence of one of the newest FF events, Free Fire Space.

This FFSpace is the newest event where you can get premium items for free, from skin bundles, emotes, weapons to diamonds.

Of course, many Garena Free Fire game lovers flocked to try this one site to be able to get the items offered for free.

All the cool skins in the Garena Free Fire game such as weapon skins, skin bundles, emots and others are already embedded in the Free Fire Space. To get all these items, the user just makes a claim, the prize will automatically be sent to your Free Fire account.

With the presence of this site, of course, it is very beneficial for those of you who like to collect cool skins in the Free Fire game. However, it is not necessarily true that you can get items for free.

For those of you who are interested in trying it, it would be nice if you first read the review below until it’s finished.

About Free Fire Room

Free Fire Space is the newest event in the Free Fire game that can be trusted to get free premium items such as weapon skins, skin Bundles, emotes to diamonds.

The way to get all these items, users only need to make a claim using a social media account, namely Facebook, then the prize will automatically be sent to your Free Fire account.

More interestingly, this Free Fire Space can be obtained by all Free Fire game lovers free of charge, so don’t be surprised if many free fire gamers have tried their luck by participating in this latest event.

But it is very unfortunate that FF Space is not an official site owned by Garena, this is of course still not necessarily true and the truth is still doubtful.

The events contained in FF Space Spin can be said to be phishing websites or generators that offer free event prizes in the Free Fire Game.

Using this site is very risky, so for those of you who want to try it, you should think about it first.

Free Fire Space Prize

Free Fire Space Spin Diamond Free 999999 & Latest FF Skin 2021

As we explained above, this Free Fire Space site offers lots of premium items for free. For more details, please just see the review below.

1. Free Diamonds

Diamond Free Fire is one of the most needed items for Free Fire players.

By having Diamond, of course, survivors can make purchases such as weapon skins, emotes and others. But to be able to get this free Free Fire diamond is not as easy as we think.

With the presence of Free Fire Space, of course, it is very profitable for you to get Free Fire diamonds for free in quite a large number.

2. Skin Package

Next is the Bundle skin, having this one skin is certainly one of the pleasures for Garena Free Fire players.

But to get a skin bundle, of course, you have to make a purchase first in the Garena Free Fire shop.

But you can get all the cool bundle items in the Free Fire Garena by accessing this Free Fire Scace site for free without having to buy it.

There are lots of Bundle skins in this latest event that you can get according to your wishes.

3. Vehicle Skin

In the latest event Free Fire also offers lots of cool vehicle skins, with the presence of Free Fire Space you can get various vehicle skins for free without having to be charged.

4. Vehicle Skin

Furthermore, FF Space also offers various weapon skins such as Flash MP40, Rapper Underworld M1887, AK Blue Flame Draco, M1014 Apocalyptic Red, M1014 Apocalyptic Red and many more for free.

To be able to get all the weapon skins for free you must first log in using a facebook account. Then claim the prize according to what you want.

5. Parachute Skin

Not only that, the free FF Space spin diamond also offers a wide selection of parachute skins that you can get using this one site for free.

To be able to get the parachute skin you need to enter the event and claim the prize according to your wishes.

6. Leather Backpack

The Gerena Free Fire party has presented various backpacks that can be purchased by Garena Free Fire players. However, with the presence of the FF Space site, users can get backpack skins in the Garena shop for free.

7. Other Premium Items

Actually, there are many more premium items offered by Free Fire Space that can be obtained for free.

For those of you who don’t want to miss out on this latest event, you can immediately refer to the following steps.

Free Fire Space Spin Diamond Free Skin & Weapon Bundle

Free Fire Space Spin Diamond Free 999999 & Latest FF Skin 2021

To be able to get weapon skins, skin bundles and also free Fire diamonds for free using Free Fire Space you have to do the various steps below.

  1. The first step, please go to first.
  2. Then on the initial menu, several choices of Free Fire items will appear that can be obtained for free.
  3. Please choose one of the items you want such as weapon skins, bundles, parachute skins, vehicle skins and diamonds.
  4. If you have selected the item, then please just click collect.
  5. Then please enter the Free Fire account you are using.
  6. Don’t forget to select the device you are using iOS, Android, tablet or windows.
  7. If it has been selected, then please click on start the transfer.
  8. Please wait a few seconds until the process is complete.
  9. Then please click confirm and verify by clicking the Verifi Now button.
  10. When the verification process is really successful, the prize will automatically be sent to your Free Fire account.
  11. Done.

The way to be able to complete the verification process, you can directly install the application that has been provided by the website.

Can FF Space Get Free Diamonds & Skins?

Free Fire Space Spin Diamond Free 999999 & Latest FF Skin 2021

Many Garena Free Fire game lovers have asked whether it is true that Free Fire Space can get skins and diamonds for free?

After we tried to get free skins and diamonds, we failed in the verification process and the prizes we had claimed had not yet been sent to our Free Fire account.

so it can be concluded that the FF Space site is probably fake news that offers free premium item prizes in the Garena Free Fire game. Why? Because the facts don’t exist yet.

How to Enter Free Fire Space?

For those of you who cannot enter the latest event on Free Fire Space, please make sure that the internet connection you are using is stable.

Because the FF Space Spin Diamond site has used it up to thousands of survivors, this has resulted in the Free Fire Space site being slow to open and cannot be used either.

Please copy the url on the android browser that you are using.

Is FF Space Safe to Use?

Maybe many survivors ask, is the Free Fire Space site safe to use? We can’t answer that for sure.

Judging from how the FF Space site works, maybe this site is one of the phishing websites whose security system is not necessarily clear.

Even if you want to try using the FF Space site, please use a second or backup ff, this aims to avoid theft of your account data.


We need to remind you again to be careful when using Garena’s unofficial site, because it is very risky for those who use it, such as losing an account or something else.

Maybe that’s all we can say about Free Fire Space, hopefully what we have explained can be useful for all of you lovers of the Garena Free Fire game. Good luck. Thank you.


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