Free Fire Max Indonesia, This is the 100% Correct Pre-Registration Method

Free Fire Max Indonesia – Hi booyah friends, are you waiting for the Free Fire Max game? For those of you who have been waiting for a long time, of course you can now try it because soon Free Fire Max will be released globally. Well, for homeland game lovers, you can try registering pre-registration for free fire max Indonesia easily.

For those of you who want to try it early before it is actually released, then you have prepared a method for you, but the main requirement to participate is an active email. Players who will register must enter their email so that it will be easier for you to receive verification from Garena to get the application. Let’s just check below.

What is Free Fire Max Indonesia?

Free Fire Max Indonesia

This is a Free Fire Max game that is ready to be tested for Indonesian players, you can try to play it through the official website or website. This registration will start on August 29, 2021, so prepare yourself, guys.

By following the pre-registration in the free fire max Indonesia game, later you will get the apk so you can try the exclusive features that are presented by Garena. You are also the first player to take part in the trial in this latest version of FF Max.

Alright, no need to go into detail, guys, let’s just see the following method.

How to Pre-Registration

  1. First, please enter the official website here:
  2. Next, please register and fill in the required data.
  3. Most importantly, enter an email that is still active.
  4. If you have registered, please wait until you get an announcement received from Garena.
  5. Verification will be sent via the email entered by you when you registered, so make sure to check regularly, guys.
  6. Done.

For those of you who have registered, you will have the opportunity to get prizes in the form of a Max Raychaser (female) bundle, Cyber ​​Max Loot Box and Cyber ​​Max Skyboard. As for those of you who invite friends to participate in this pre-registration, you will get a Max Raycatcher Bundle (Male).

The gifts that have been prepared are certainly not owned by you guys, so you should just try it by registering and hopefully you will receive it and be able to follow it.

Unfortunately this registration sometimes has players who are not selected so they can’t try the latest games in the game.

Oh yeah guys, we almost forgot that this registration will start on August 29, 2021 at 14:00 WIB later, if you count from now on, of course there is still time to prepare yourselves, guys.

Of course, in this latest version of the game, you will get the latest experience and can play more excitingly than before, especially with the support of exclusive features that will certainly make you play even more optimally.

Come on, register now and get the prize, try a new game with a new atmosphere, hopefully you can have fun with your friends.

We think that’s all for the explanation regarding the pre-registration of Free Fire Max Indonesia, look forward to further reviews related to the FF game, see you at the next opportunity, guys, keep visiting our site so you don’t miss the Free Fire game which is currently a popular game around the world.

Look forward to other articles, thank you.

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