FM WhatsApp Latest Download 2022 How to Download and Discuss

FM WhatsApp – Currently, WhatsApp is the messaging application that most Indonesians use, both by young people, adults and the elderly to exchange news and information. The reason people use the WhatsApp application is because it doesn’t take up a lot of internet quota or saves money and can send various types of files ranging from images / photos, videos, files in the form of documents, and so on.

FM WhatsApp which is a modification of the original WA application provides a variety of interesting features that are not available in the official version. So it’s not surprising that FM WhatsApps is predicted to be a big competitor to GB WhatsApp which also has the best performance from one of the WA MOD versions.

Cool and Interesting Features on FM WhatsApp

The following is a more detailed explanation regarding the interesting and cool features available on FM WhatsApp.

1. Chat and Status Can Be Viewed Even If It Has Been Delete

The use of FM WA allows you to see messages and statuses addressed to you even if the sender has deleted them. This feature is generally known as anti delete messages and status. Which is on official WA if the message or status has been deleted by the sender then you can’t see it.

2. Sending Messages Without Saving Numbers

The next advantage is that you can chat without having to save the person’s number, whether it’s sending text messages, voice notes and even making voice or video calls. This feature is very useful when you don’t want to save someone’s number because you won’t call them again and don’t want your contacts to be too full so you’re worried about having trouble finding important numbers. On official WA to start chatting with a new number you need to save the person’s number.

3. Hiding the “Typing” Description

When you want to reply to a chat, there will be a description of typing or typing under the contact name. However, by using the FM WhatApps application that information can be removed so that people do not know we are replying to the message or not.

4. Download Friend Status

The most interesting feature of FM WhatsApp is that you can download or save a friend’s WhatsApp status without having to use additional applications or download them with a downloader site. The method is very easy, namely by pressing the download button at the bottom right, then the photo or video will be saved automatically in the gallery of your smartphone.

FM Whatsapp

5. Lock Personal Chat Features

The advantage of this song from WA MOD is that you can lock the messaging application without having to install a third application or set it in the phone’s default settings which usually only locks the application as a whole. While FM WhatsApp has the ability to lock your private chat with only selected people who are very important and confidential.

6. Changing the Font

Another feature offered by FM WhatsApp is the ability to change or replace the typeface with a more attractive font according to your wishes, from strikethrough, italics, bold, color to typefaces such as typewriter results that are more attractive than the official WA default font. How to replace it is quite easy, you just need to enter the Fouad Mod menu then select universal and in this section you will find various font styles so you can choose your own.

7. Remove the Blue Tick

The service that FM WhatsApp offers is to remove the blue check mark so that when the message has been read the check mark will remain gray. Actually, this feature is also in the original WhatsApp application, but if you want more complete interesting features, there is no harm in using WA MOD like FM WhatsApp. The way to apply this function is by going to the Fouad Mods menu and then ticking the show blue stick after reply section.

8. Changing the Shape of Emoji (Emoticons)

The last feature provided by WA MOD such as FM WhatsApp is the ability to change the shape of emoticons and even provide emojis from the latest version to the old version. By applying this service you can enjoy a fresher form of emoticons. The trick is to go to the Fouads Mods menu then click the universal section and select the emoticon shape according to your own taste.

How to Download and Install the FM WhatsApp Application

How to Download and Install the FM WhatsApp Application

To get the FM WhatsApp application you can download it via the link but you have to make sure the OS is above 4.2 so that the application can be installed and running properly. After downloading this application you need to turn off the phone first then turn it back on (may restart or turn it off (power off)) then do some settings first.

  1. Go to settings or device settings.
  2. Then, go to Biometrics and Security.
  3. After that Install Unknown Apps and make sure it is the FM WhatApps app you just downloaded.
  4. Next you select My Files and click “give Permissions from this Source.”
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete and you can use the application like the official WA application.
  6. If you follow these procedures, you should not experience errors when installing the FM WA application.

Tips for WA MOD Anti Banned

Tips for WA MOD Anti Banned

Even though the FM WhatApps application has claimed that the WA MOD application has an anti-ban feature, it does not rule out the possibility of a potential ban one day. Therefore, as a user of the FM WA application, it is better to anticipate with discipline in updating this application so that the risk of being banned from an FM WhatApps account is lower and the possibility of bugs is smaller.

Here’s how to update or update FM WhatsApp:

  1. The first step is to open YOMods on FM WA.
  2. After that open the Update menu.
  3. Then select Check for Updates or Updates.
  4. Then open the menu section click Update.
  5. Click Check-Update
  6. If there is a newer version please click Web Download and download the file. Wait until the download process is complete.
  7. Then do the installation on the application that you downloaded earlier.
  8. The WhatsApp FM update process is complete.

It should be an important note that when updating FMWhatsApp, you don’t need to uninstall or uninstall the previous application, so just download and install it again or overwrite the old version of the application with the latest version. In addition to functioning as an anti-ban preventive measure, the FM WhatsApp update also aims to make the WA MOD application run smoothly without lags or bugs.

Such is the information regarding FM WhatsApp which is increasingly being used by people to support the performance of using this messaging application so that it can provide comfort and security when using it. Remember, even though it has been claimed to be anti-banned, you must update or update the FM WhatsApp application.

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