Flavor variants and price updates for BonCabe (bags and bottles) at Indomaret & Alfamart – price list and tariff 2022

For those of you who are fans of spicy flavors, you may be familiar with this product, specifically BonCabe. This is a strong chili pepper sauce that is ready to be sprinkled on all your favorite foods. The product is claimed to be made with real chili peppers and is offered at relatively reasonable prices in Indomaret and Alfamart.

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KOBE’s Chili Sauce is now available in different flavors, namely Original Level 30, Original Level 15, Original Level 10, BonCabe Teri and BonCabe Ebi Kriuk. Each of these products is available in different levels of spice and sensation.

Varian Boon Kaby

Boncabe Ebi Kriuk Level 2

The Ebi Kriuk Level 2 flavor variant is for consumers who love the crunchy, spicy, light and salty feel of Ebi Kriuk. BonCabe Ebi uses small shrimp (ebi) that have been dried. BonCabe Level 2 ebi taste and aroma are 100% natural ebi. This can be seen from the ebi parts that can be found in the product.

In BonCabe products, there is still a flavor enhancer or MSG content. However, flavor enhancers (sodium inosinate and guanylate) used are said to be within safe and reasonable limits and are officially registered with the BPOM. Guanylate is found in natural ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, and fish. Meanwhile, sodium inosinate can be extracted from ripe tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and tapioca.

BonCabe Level 3, Rasa Nuri

A blend of selected premium quality chili peppers and crunchy nori herb is the perfect choice to pamper your palate. BonCabe Nori Level 3 flavor can be mixed into all types of foods. In addition to adding a delicious taste, the aroma also keeps you from eating.

Anchovy Bon Cappy

You can feel the spicy sensation mixed with the delicious taste in this product. The taste of this sauce comes from the anchovies in it. The taste and aroma of BonCabe Level 3 anchovies is said to be 100% natural anchovies. Anchovy body parts such as the anchovy head and body can also be found in BonCabe Level 3 Anchovy Flavor. Suitable if you just want to eat a plate of warm rice.

BonCabe Level 10, rasa Original

BonCabe Original Level 10 has a spicy taste because it is made with 100% real hot peppers, including a mixture of hot peppers. The spicy taste of BonCabe Original Level 10 Chili is balanced by delicious natural spices to perfectly suit Indonesian tastes.

BonCabe Level 15, rasa Original

The spicy Nunguk flavor of the finest dried cayenne pepper produces the ultimate in spicy flavour. A true spicy connoisseur like BonCabe Lovers will definitely be hooked.

BonCabe Level 15, Roa . Fish Flavor

Made with real smoked raw fish, along with the finest real chili made using the highest standards, plus BonCabe’s special chili sauce.

Boncabe flavor variants (Source: carousel.com)
Boncabe flavor variants (Source: carousel.com)

Original BonCabe Level 30

BonCabe Level 30 can provide a very spicy sensation that is ready to be sprinkled over favorite dishes such as fried noodles, fried rice or even Malang meatballs. The original BonCabe flavor, Level 15, is claimed to be loved by spice lovers who only settle for a crazy spicy taste, as the product is made with a blend of the world’s best chili. Meanwhile, the original BonCabe Level 10 flavor is a blend of medium-spicy flavours.

BonCabe Level 50 Max

BonCabe launches their newest and allegedly hottest Chili Sauce product, the Boncabe level 50 Max End. This product is claimed to have a persistent spicy taste that makes your eating sensation more difficult. Just spray a little, and you will immediately feel an unusually hot sensation in the mouth.

Bon Kapi Rojac Boa Seasoning

BonCabe Bumbu Rujak Buah consists of selected chilies with a mixture of sour and sweet flavors suitable for mixing with different types of fruits. BonCabe Rujak is also claimed to be practical because it allows you to enjoy fruit salad anywhere and anytime.

So, does BonCabe use dyes or preservatives? The red color that can be seen in the product is claimed to be the color of 100% natural red pepper. The chili used in BonCabe is 100% real chili. In addition to using natural chili peppers, here are some other benefits of Boncabe products.

BonCabe is made with dried chilies that have been roughly cut into small pieces, so you can find the peel and even the seeds inside. Since it uses 100% natural chili, it’s no wonder BonCabe gives you a spicier feel. BonCabe does not use any chemical additives to add a spicy taste. The level of seasoning in BonCabe is determined by the type of chili used. The composition of the type of chili used to provide a spicy product is adjusted to the level on the package.

Meanwhile, for the preservative content, the product is claimed to be 100% preservative free. BonCabe does not spoil easily and mold because it is made with dried chilies, so there is no need to add preservatives. This allows BonCabe to continue even if it has not been stored in the refrigerator.

BonCabe sow sauce is packaged in two practical packaging types, namely sachets and bottles. This is to make it easy to carry the product as a supplement to lunch or lunch when traveling. The product is practical, so you don’t have to worry about searching for chili sauce to accompany your favorite food to eat.

Where can you buy this product? BonCabe is already available in supermarkets such as Carrefour, Hypermart, Superindo, Farmers Market, Lottemart and Lotteshop. In addition, BonCabe is present in small markets such as Alfamart, Indomaret and other small markets. BonCabe is also available at traditional markets and nearby warungs. Below is the current pricing information for Boncabe at Indomaret and Alfamart in 2022.

Ilustrasi: The original Bon Cabe Level 10 (Credit: Facebook/Boncabe)
Ilustrasi: The original Bon Cabe Level 10 (Credit: Facebook/Boncabe)

BonCabe price in Indomaret

Varian Boon Kaby Price in Indomaret (Rp)
Kobe Bon Cabe Sambal Tabur Ebi Kriuk Refill Level 2 35G 6.400
Kobe Bon Cabe Sambal Tabur Original Refill Level 15 40g 6.400
Kobe Bon Cabe Sambal Tabur Original Packing Box Level 30 35g 7.900
Kobe Bon Cabe Sambal Tabur Anchovy Level 3 Refill 35G 7.900
Kobe Bon Chili Seasoning Fruit Salad Level 10 45gm 10.200
Kobe Bon Kapi Sambal Tabor Nori Level 3 35g 9.000
Kobe Bon Kapi Sambal Su Roy Level 15 – 40 gm 15.4000.000
Kobe Bon Kapi Sambal queue level 30 40 gr 14.900
Kobe Bon Cap Sambal Tabor Max End Level 50 30gm 16.4000.000

BonCabe price at Alfamart

Varian Boon Kaby Price at Alfamart (Rs.)
Kobe Bon Cape Chili Nori Sprinkle Level 3 Bottles 35 g 9.500
Original Kobe Bon Cap Sauce Level 15 45g 10.500
Kobe Bon Kapi Sambal Tabor Original Level 30 40g 13.500
Kobe Bon Kapi Chili Sauce Max End Level 50 Bottles 30 g 16.700

You need to know that the prices of the above BonCabe bags and bottles are definitely not restricted, and can change at any time, without prior notice. For comparison, in 2019, the price of BonCabe ranged from 4,500 rupees to 55,000 rupees, depending on the packaging and variant. Then in 2020, the price of BonCabe products increased to around Rs 5,100 to Rs 56,100.

In 2021, the price of BonCabe will change compared to 2020. For example, the original KOBE BonCabe Level 10 bag of 22.5 grams, which was originally offered for 5,100 rupees, increased to 6,000 rupees. KOBE BonCabe Anchovy Flavor Level 3 sachet refill 22.5gr also increased the price of Rp.7100 to Rs 8400. In contrast to the KOBE BonCabe Sambal Tabur Level 15 bottles of 45 grams, which have already fallen from the price of Rp. 11100 to Rp.11 thousand.

In addition to sprinkling it over your favorite food, there are many recipes that use this product, including Tempe Kriuk BonCabe Garam, BonCabe Omelet, BonCabe Eggplant Balado, and others. For the recipe, you can see it on Boncabe’s official website at boncabe.com.

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