Flashdisk Cannot be Formatted? Here’s How To Fix It

Flashdisk can not be formatted? this happens when flash drive I asked for a format but when you tried it didn’t work, there are several reasons why this can happen, it can even attack microsd and hard drive ever .

There are several problems that usually occur on the flash including: the flash cannot be formatted and then a warning appears windows was unable to complete the format the flash cannot be formatted karena write protected until the flash can not be formatted because of the virus .

Actually there are two possibilities that could cause this problem, namely:

1 . Flashdisk is damaged hardware (because of short circuit, water entry, fall and age of use)

2. Damage found on software (corrupt system files, viruses and improper partition changes)

Then how can I make sure if my Flashdisk is damaged in hardware or software?

The easiest way to be sure, first try how to fix the flash drive can’t be formatted below , if it doesn’t work then it means Your flash drive is damaged on the hardware component . Certain if your Flashdisk has hardware damage you better replace it with a new one.

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The first way in this tutorial, we will repair the flash by re-create or re-create the partition on the flash:

Format Flash Disk Via Disk Manager

Disk Manager is a default utility from Microsoft Windows, so you don’t need to download additional software first, just follow the steps below:

  1. Open Start > Run (Press the button Windows & R key at the same time on keyboard)
  2. Type dskmgmt.msc > then press the Enter key (You will see all available disks on a computer)
  3. Right click on Removable Disk (problem flash disk partition) > then click delete partition
  4. If it succeed continue the next step (no 5) , if the delete partition option cannot be clicked follow the steps Format Flash Drive Via Diskpart
  5. Right-click on the flash that you just got delete the partition > then click create partition (select primary partition)
  6. Pada isian select size , file format , disk letter dll just leave the default no need to change
  7. Press OK

If successful , then on My Computer you will be able to open your flash normally without having to ask for a format first .

Usually the steps above work if you use the Windows 7 operating system or earlier, in some conditions when using Windows 8 and 10 options we can’t click delete partition like the picture below:

Windows Disk Manager Flashdisk Cannot Be Formatted Here's How To Fix It

If on your computer the choice is Delete Volume… can’t click, then you can delete the flash partition by using diskpart as shown in the tutorial below:

Format Flash Disk Via Diskpart

Fixing a flash that can’t be formatted via diskpart is usually very effective if you can’t use the flash format method via diskmanager.

  1. Open run > check diskpart > enter
    Open Diskpart FlashDisk Can't Be Formatted Here's How To Fix It
  2. If User Account Control appears, press Yes
  3. After the diskpart command prompt opens type list disk
    This Flashdisk Can't Be Formatted How to Fix it Diskpart list disk
  4. In the picture above there are 2 discs , Disk 0 is a hard disk and Disk 1 is a flash with a size of 3824 MB / 3.8 GB
  5. Then type select disk 1 (disk 1 can change according to the case on your computer)
  6. The text will appear Disk 1 is now the selected disk
  7. Then type list partition until the image appears as below:
    This Flashdisk Can't Be Formatted How to Fix it Diskpart list partition
  8. Type select partition 1 > press ENTER
  9. Type delete partition > press ENTER
  10. Type create partition > press ENTER then it will appear as shown below:
    This FlashDisk Can't Be Formatted How to Fix it Diskpart create partition
  11. then type create partition primary wait until it says DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition.
  12. Then type exit or press the close button to exit the DiskPart program.
  13. Then open MyComputer > open the flash drive We
  14. It will appear if the flash must be formatted, just press Format Disk > Start > OK

If your flash drive doesn’t have a hardware problem, then the steps above should have succeeded in fixing your flash drive that can’t be formatted. Because with delete a partition on a disk maka not only files and viruses are deleted but system files and partitions that are messy will also be lost and me re-create or re-partition will make a disk run like new .

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