Fizi Ali Moves To HotFM. Once DJ Lin told me what he did after quitting his job at Suria FM to lose tens of thousands of ringgit

General Manager of Suria FM, DJ Lin revealed that the radio station had to bear losses of more than RM50,000 when its former presenter, Fizi Ali decided to leave the radio station at the last minute.

DJ Lin said, Fizi should have informed this beforehand so that all preparations lead to the program Explore 90 Suria Is Beautiful Sis Ell which will be held in four locations starting August 6th, will not waste ringgit money and inconvenience other people’s time.

“We have planned many things beforehand and we have informed the presenters of Suria FM. In fact, we’ve been camping from early morning until late at night to shoot this video tour.

“At Suria FM we apply family values ​​and that is very important. So when it comes to family, it involves teamwork and mutual respect for one another. Family members will not hurt other family members.

“So when everything that was planned was almost ready and only the editing process was left, suddenly one of the presenters decided to leave Suria FM for a better offer, so what more can I say.

“For me, people want to leave and are heartless, don’t hold back. I’m just sorry when all the planned radio surveys in September and October as well as touring programs and digital platform materials to support this campaign had to be overhauled and redone,” he said at the time. met at the launch event.90 Suria’s Program is Beautiful Kak Ell in Shah Alam, Selangor, today.

According to DJ Lin, the radio did not have internal problems with Fizi, but there was disappointment with the former presenter’s actions.

“There are no internal problems. It’s just that I feel sad and upset when all the plans don’t go well and it causes us trouble. I feel very guilty and apologize to my co-presenters and employees.

“When he got an offer there, we asked him to consider the offer until the end of this Suria FM tour program. One of them we have planned and involves the costs incurred.

However, he informed that he had to join the radio station early even though he knew his contract would be renewed and agreed to be involved in the promotion of this song.

“I’m sad because in a situation where we tried hard and worked hard, it suddenly became like this. Where are the values ​​of family?,” he said.

On July 26, Fizi shared about speculation about leaving the station on his Instagram and recently joined radio station Hot FM starting August 2.


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