Five Recommended Best Offline Recipes Applications, Free!

The free offline cooking recipe application is interesting to review. This is because one of the most popular activities is cooking. Where cooking has become a common thing for everyone to make food with different distinctive flavors.

Start with personal skills or look at a recipe book. With the development of technology, now there is an offline recipe application that can be used as a guide.

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Sometimes for cooking, a recipe is still needed so that the taste of the dish is not reduced. With sophistication, there is now no need to cook chili sauce and carry around a recipe book because there are already applications that provide recipes.

So, what are the free offline recipe applications for Android? Come on, keep reading this article until the end.

List of Free Offline Android Recipes Applications

Here are some recommended offline cooking recipe applications without the hassle:

1. Recipe

Recipes is an offline recipe application that has been used by many users. Because this application is very detailed for a range of applications that can be accessed even offline. In addition, each recipe is packaged with a very attractive appearance from this application itself so that it adds to the enthusiasm for cooking.

In addition, each display of the cooking menu recipe is also equipped with very real image displays according to the cooking instructions. Moreover, the existing recipes contain more recipes for typical Indonesian dishes. Therefore, this recipe application is recommended to learn about typical dishes from every corner of Indonesia.

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2. Cooking board

Another application that is also recommended is Cookpad. This application has become very popular because it can also be used offline. In addition, the cookpad application provides a variety of recipes with quite a lot of language options. The features presented in this application are very complete and attractively packaged.

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3. Simple Cooking Recipes

There is another offline recipe application that is commonly used by many people as a guide when cooking, namely a simple cooking recipe application. This application can be accessed offline so it can save quota and is not complicated to use. This application is recommended for anyone who is still a beginner in cooking.

Because this application displays various types of simple cooking menus according to the name of the application itself. Recipes in this application are categorized based on existing cooking ingredients, such as fish, chicken, meat, and others. Besides that, there are not only heavy food recipes, there are also some light food recipes such as cakes and cookies.

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4. Chef’s Recipe

Koki Recipe is a cooking recipe application that makes Indonesian menus the main attraction. The various recipes listed have also been confirmed to be successful from well-known and professional chefs. So this application is highly recommended for those who are learning to cook or even really like cooking.

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5. Preferred Pastries Recipe

After being served with several offline recipe applications in the form of side dishes, this time there is an offline cooking application regarding pastries. This application is highly recommended because the recipes available are very complete with various types of pastries. Cooking instructions are also packaged very simply.

So it is very easy to understand. When else can you make pastries without being taught by others and only with a recipe application to make pastries. This application provides a choice of types of pastries ranging from domestic to foreign. So it is perfect for anyone who likes to make cakes on the weekends to complete family gatherings.

The sophistication of technology that continues to develop can be said to greatly facilitate all human activities. Even in terms of cooking, those who used to have to go here and there flipped through recipe book notes, but now everything can be accessed via a smartphone with an application. Therefore, try using some of the offline cooking recipe applications as a guide.

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