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Johor Bahru-Previously, a police report and legal action was taken following a woman who admitted to insulting a social media figure in her physical form via Facebook directly in order to teach a lesson.

Lawyer on behalf of Suharnizan Md Sidek, Mohd Rasheed Hassan said, despite the apologies made by influencers, but bodyshming issues can be prosecuted under Section 233 1b of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

“This should be a lesson, especially for anyone on social media who does it. Don’t be lazy, you need to think before you say something on social media because the law is there. This has an impact on the victim.

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“It looks like he has apologized via FB, but I think the accusations made against my client are more than eight minutes. If he wants to apologize, we will prepare the script including an acknowledgment that he will not do it again, will not say negative things to him. our clients, t. claims for damages and so on.

The incident occurred on August 18, 2020 at around 10 am, believed to have started when he wrote comments l.ive cook, l.ive eat, place k.urus products, can k.urus go?’ through a live video shared by a friend on FB.

Later, the persons involved issued offensive words, including posting photos and their children without their knowledge and permission after leaving comments in the comments column of the persons involved on social media.

This is the decision and the amount to be paid

The High Court here ordered the influencer, Noorazira Pissal or better known as Eira Aziera to pay compensation of RM 100,000 and legal fees of RM 30,000 to Suharnizan Md Sidek who was the victim of bodily harm in August 2020.

Suharnizan’s lawyer, Mohd Rasheed Hassan, said Judicial Commissioner Datuk Seri Shamsulbahri Ibrahim made the decision in Suharnizan’s lawsuit against Eira Aziera online on May 30.

He said the decision was taken after a full five-day trial was carried out from October 24 to 28, 2021, online.

The court also ordered Noorazira to publish a clear and unconditional apology on all her social media accounts and keep it for six months from the date of publication.

In addition, the court decided that Suharnizan through his attorney had succeeded in proving his claim and after all the related elements had been fulfilled, he said in his statement, Monday.

On 13 October 2020, Suharnizan filed a lawsuit demanding more than RM2 million against Eira Aziera, 39, at the Johor Bahru High Court for allegedly losing her physical form.

Furthermore, Mohd Rasheed hopes that this K3s will be a lesson for all parties not to make arbitrary statements on social media.

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