Fighting in NYC Is On The Bucket List, Planning To Be 3-For-3 in Rematch

Anthony Pettis is excited to check his bucket list this weekend.

“Showtime” Pettis is making his third appearance of 2022 in Friday’s PFL playoff semifinals, and it will be an uphill battle for him.

In his 38-game career, Pettis has never played in New York State, but he will play on August 5. Pettis was supposed to fight at UFC 223 in Brooklyn, New York in 2016; however, it never materialized. Six years later, he fought at Madison Square Garden inside the Upper Theatre.

Fighting in New York is on a 35-year-old’s bucket list.

“I am so excited. It’s like a bucket list thing. I have a lot of fans in New York, and there are a lot of Puerto Ricans and Mexicans there. And then MSG became an icon in combat sports,” Pettis said in an exclusive interview to Cageside Press in an interview. “So I can check this off my list, you know, there’s a lot going on with this one. I have to win this fight. They took us to the main event and I was seeded No. 1 went in there and I got a rematch, so being in that position was a bit odd. Again, in a new position where I haven’t played back-to-back with a guy, you know, in weeks.”

The mixed martial arts veteran also wanted to fight in Australia, England and Florida before calling it a career.

Pettis rematched Stevie Ray in the PFL 7 Main Event. In June, Ray handed Pettis a lock body that was nearly identical to the mirror image of his loss to Dustin Poirier.

Featured No. 1 playoffs regret staying safe in the game, but he won’t be doing so on August 5.

“I’m not going to play it safe,” said Pettis, “I’m not going out like he did in the last game. I go out. [throwing] Jump kick. I played left-handed with it simply because it was my karate, my kickboxing; I know how to keep my distance. I will go to the Orthodox Church and I will bite my mouthpiece. I had 15 minutes to finish and stamp my championship ticket. “

Pettis remains unbeaten in the rematch. He beat former UFC champions Benson Henderson and Donald Cerrone in a rematch and hopes to hit three of Friday’s three rematches.

“I will bite my mouth and continue. I will put pressure on him instead of him putting pressure on me. You know, do what I do best, man. Like I wouldn’t be out there trying to be the Same as Showtime. I’m going to go out there and try to win this fight.”

Watch the rest of our interview with Anthony Pettis above. Pettis vs. Ray on ESPN’s PFL 7 on Friday.


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